How to clean soap scum off glass doors with a DIY cleaner


How to clean soap scum off a glass shower door @jayna

How was your weekend? I had a good one – did alot of office organizing and spent some time cleaning the impossible soap scum off my glass shower doors with yet another DIY household cleaner. All you need for this is an old toothbrush, lemons and cream of tartar.

How to clean soap scum off glass shower doors @jayna

I mixed the 2 elements together until it forms a paste – see how I used it here to clean hard water residue. It worked great!!

How to clean soap scum off a glass shower door @jayna

I scrubbed the paste on the glass shower door to rid the ugly while soap scum marks, then I rinsed it with water….

How to clean soap scum off a glass shower door @jayna

It’s not all gone, but you get the idea… it really worked! Lemon juice + cream of tartar = natural miracle cleaner!

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  1. Mary Hock says:

    Great idea.Glass stovetops are not what they say they are but U are great, this really works.thanks lots!!!

  2. MacKenzie says:

    Could you use lemon juice from a bottle instead of a fresh squeezed lemon?

  3. I don’t have cream of tartar, would baking soda work? Or something else?

  4. Kathy Benson says:

    Does this work as well on the plastic shower?

  5. Would this work if I used it to clean the soap scum off my shower tile? Thanx for your response.

  6. Audrey Geib says:

    I need a window cleaner for our sunroom; it seems that our natural gas fireplace (not positive) left a film on the windows. I have tried several different remedies (even washed one window 5 times and it is still filmy). HELP!!!

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