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Keeping our bathroom looking chic with Listerine

This post brought to you by Listerine. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've talked before about my front bathroom's little facelift, and for under $300 I was able to add some style and color without changing anything major. I took it from a sterile, bland looking room and transformed it into a fun space for JP to enjoy. Since he was getting old enough to use the bathroom on his own, I thought he needed something colorful that would appeal to his needs. After all, I wanted to entice him into good personal hygiene habits!

Looking back, I thought potty training was difficult… But teaching this kid to properly brush his teeth has been a major headache for me! Sure, he can squeeze out toothpaste on to his brush by himself- but only about 1/2 of it actually makes it ON the brush. Then after 3 quick strokes, he spits out the excess into the sink, leaving behind his clumps of gnarly used toothpaste to sit on the bottom of the sink.

Naturally after a few of these experiences, I've decided that I should brush my teeth along with him and show him the example I expect out of him cause old toothpaste stuck to the bottom of the sink grosses me out.

 photo 02225-57_listerine_izea_400x450_zps2bfd58fe.jpg

I like to use a mouthwash after I brush, and I've found the cutest ones from Target that are perfect to match my bathroom. For a limited time, you can choose from 4 different designs and flavors – Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, Arctic Mint & Fresh Citrus. 


I love how it looks on my bathroom counter! The flavor matters not to me that much, but I thought the orange chevron one would look adorable! Be sure to check out Target and see what they have available in your area or Save Now with Target Cartwheel!

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Supporting my little scholar with a moral-boosting card from Hallmark

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

The time in my experience as a mommy is quickly approaching… In less than a month, my JP will be starting his first day of school! I’m both excited and sad, because my baby is growing up so quickly – it just doesn’t seem very long ago that I was nursing him in the middle of the night.

Most importantly, he is excited for himself and proud that he is going to “big kid” school as he calls it. Even though it’s just kindergarten, in his mind it’s a major feat. So to celebrate his new beginning, I thought I’d give him a small treat that would put a big smile on his face.

The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

Even though he doesn’t yet read full words, I knew I could punctuate this little surprise with a lego toy. So I went to Walmart because I knew I could find a Hallmark Value Card for less than a dollar. I like the idea of a low cost card because that leaves me with more of a budget to buy him those expensive little pieces of plastic they call legos!

The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

I think this card was really meant to be a birthday card, but it doesn’t say “birthday” on it. It’s kinda nice that the card greeting is slightly vague, so it can be used for more purposes than just a birthday card. I also picked up a second card for later down the road, because I anticipate a day when he will come home with a frown after having a bad day.

The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

Yes, even kids need a little moral boost every now and again.. I loved this card so much!

The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

Some of the best gifts ever are when they come out of nowhere. It was so fun to see his eyes light up when I told him that I had a little surprise for him because I’m so proud of him that he’s starting big kid school. I always make it a point to tell him how proud I am of him, even when he doesn’t always get things right. Whatever the case, I try to teach him that most important thing ever is to never give up no matter what it is you are doing. One of the things I tell him all the time is “You will get 99 no’s until you get that first “yes” – so keep trying & trying!”


The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

The gift of giving with hallmark value cards #ValueCards #shop #cbias

Be sure to check out the rewards program that Hallmark has in place for their value cards. Buy 5 of them and you will earn a reward! Learn more about the card program.

Make sure you check out the Hallmark website to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers. Join in the #ValueCards conversation on Twitter! #CollectiveBias

5 essential workout items to take with you to the gym

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

These days on my continuous effort of trying to get myself in shape and eat better I have been trying some new things in terms of working out. I've tried so many different routes – WII fit, DVD's, pilates classes etc..and I find it so hard to get motivated sometimes. To put it in terms that's easy to understand – I was always that kid with the note in gym class!

So I've been trying out trampoline fitness at a local trampoline gymnasium. You know those places that you set your kids loose in on a Saturday afternoon to attend a birthday party? Believe me, as fun as it sounds, jumping on a trampoline 1 hour straight can really kick your butt. After my very first workout, I felt pain my muscles I didn't even know I had!

 photo M2_NPL_Rewards_DBLB_Promo_Logo_UampL_RGBJPG_zps2b7d24f5.jpg

Everyone knows that a key element to attending a workout class is making sure you have some cool water! I make sure to always carry the essentials, here's what I carry at all times:

  1. Towel
  2. Hair elastics
  3. Deodorant
  4. Sneakers
  5. Water bottle

Water is needed on a constant basis, so I buy big packs of it at Walmart and store it in the pantry. Did you know that you can get coupons for Nestlé® Pure Life® when you sign up for their rewards program?

Pretty easy – As soon as I signed up, they flashed the coupon across my screen and I was able to print it.. Yay! Accumulate enough points and you can trade it in for something bigger and better. You get 10 points just for signing up. The Nestlé® Pure Life® Drink Better. Live Better.™

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