Home Made Cleaning DIY – how to clean your glass cooktop with baking soda

Cleaning Glass Cooktop with baking soda and water #cleaning

Have you ever wondered how to clean your glass cooktop? Baking soda, not to be confused with baking powder, is one of the best home made cleaning DIY tools you can possibly use – and cheap too! I am sharing my home made cleaning DIY of how to clean a ceramic glass cooktop using baking soda.  My other favorite go-to cleaning solution is vinegar, but for this all I needed was a few household items. I also have some other natural cleaning tricks up my sleeve like how to clean soap scum and how to clean hard water stains. So this is my stove, before I began cleaning a glass cooktop. Looks clean, right?… Not very… You get in a little closer and see the battle scars from making home made french fries.. Gross right? Yes, I know I probably should have cleaned it up right after the mess happened, but let’s face it – it was too hot to touch and then I forgot about it. Also I’m the queen of boil overs, and there’s no real good stove top cleaner out there. I’ve heard of different care methods, like using an exacto blade to scrape off carbonized residue, but I was afraid it would scratch up the smooth glass. Not wanting that to happen, I looked into some other alternatives, and the best one is.. Baking Soda!!

Cleaning Glass Cooktop with natural cleaners

  Don’t ever assume that it’s easier to clean than the old fashioned coils. I thought that 6 months ago when we got this stove that it would be easier to clean for its smooth surface, but don’t be fooled. Whatever the case,  it’s awful and yucky looking, so I thought it was high time to see how I could get rid of this fossilized grease on my stovetop. All you need is

    1. Bowl & Hot Soapy Water


  • Baking Soda



  • A Cleaning Rag



  • Gloves (I didn’t use any because I thought baking soda wouldnt be harsh on my hands.. but I was wrong, so try to use gloves, you’ll thank me later)



Cleaning Glass Cooktop

First, you fill a bowl with hot tap water water and mix it with some dish soap. Submerge the rag in the bowl and get it wet.

Soapy Hot Water

      Apply baking soda in a generous amount all over the affected area.

Cleaning Glass Cooktop

Now pull out that hot soapy rag out of the bowl and squeeze half the water out. You want it to be soggy, not sopping.

Cleaning Glass Cooktop

Then wait about 15 minutes…

Cleaning Glass Cooktop

  In the meantime, you can tick off a few things on the deep cleaning kitchen checklist – Download a free printable PDF and always be reminded to clean the places we never think of! Once the time is up, swirl the rag around in circles, using the baking soda paste as a gentle scrub.

Cleaning Glass Cooktop

    The dry up the surface and shine it up with a cloth. Good as new!!

Cleaning Glass Cooktop

I repeated these steps once to achieve these results. You may also leave the rag on for longer, depending on how bad it is. Get it to sparkle & shine by spritzing the surface with a little big of vinegar, and wipe clean. Be sure to check out my natural way  to clean soap scum and how to clean hard water stains!

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  1. Just tried this –worked great! Thanks for the tip!

    • I just did my Mother’s stove with a magic eraser. Much easier and no fuss no muss. Worked great! Follow up with a little Windex and it’s nice and smooth and shiny. Magic Eraser is the bomb for a lot of cleaning jobs.

      • Except that the “magic eraser” is made with Fromaldehyde magic. A terrible carcinogen.
        Where baking soda doesnt give you cancer.

        • No need to fear monger, magic erasers are no more toxic than baking soda could be.

          • I am sure magic erasers are more toxic,Baking soda is not harmful at all. What is a magic eraser made out of anyway??? And Baking soda is just that, baking soda.

          • Also try spritzing your cleaned stove with 50\50 water and peroxide…disinfect clean and shine in one quick shot…and all natural…no smell…just plain clean.

          • Haha, all natural hydrogen peroxide? Naturally manufactured in a lab? May not be harmful but certainly not “all natural”.

        • I usually go to snopes.com to see if things like what you are saying is listed. They are usually a very good resource to let you know if something is true or false. In this case, it is false.

        • If we’re going to talk about chemicals…using Windex on a heating element…not really a good idea. Shine it up with a little vinegar, water and a touch of rubbing alcohol.

          • I agree, about the windex. I just started using vinegar and a few drops of
            tea tree oil mixed with water as a window cleaner. I did learn that tea tree oil is very harmful to cats, and dogs. Please be careful.

          • Angela: Tea Tree oil is not harmful to dogs (not sure about cats though). I use it on my dogs all the time for skin issues like hot spots. It’s a natural antibiotic/antifungal that helps heal their scrapes.

          • Debbie: Tea Tree oil can in fact be harmful to dogs if too much is used, they can begin having stomach issues. It is great for things like hot spots and even fleas, but the dog needs to be monitored during use for vomiting and such to avoid them becoming seriously sick.

        • Magic erasers are made from polymer foam which does contain formaldehyde so it is not a good idea to use them on a cooking surface. I would not suggest using windex either.

          • Magic erasers are made from melamine foam that does contain formaldehyde, but so does any bowls or lined cooking utensils that is advertised as melamine. They are harmless, and when wiped down afterwards do not leave anything on the surface being cleaned. This is pure fear mongering geared towards Windex and magic erasers.

          • I will stop using the magic erasers on my cooktop when I start frying directly on them without the frying pan. Sheesh!

        • Yes I agree, for the small amount of it’s use, really how toxic can it be. If we believe everything about causing cancer, we would all be neurotics ! It really is fear mongering !

      • i tried thiss and it didnt work do u have any other suggestons?

        • I use soft scrub on my glass top. I spread it out in a circular motion and let sit for 10 minutes and it wipes right off. I have also used the glass top cleaner kit from Lowe’s. It comes with a razor and a soft sponge. The soft scrub removes all of the burnt on foods and grease.

        • I tried this to and it didn’t do as good as I was expecting. I guess I might give the magic eraser a try… I use the stuff made for glass cook tops and it doesn’t do very good either all in all… and I have tried the straight edge razor it works good but lots of elbow grease…

          • Have you tried Barkeeper’s Friend? It worked wonders for me on really burned on stuff on stainless steal pans and burned on stuff that boiled over on glass cook top. I used it with the blue scotch scrubbers that non scratch. It’s not real expensive, and a little goes a long way but if you were looking for green probably won’t pass the test.

        • I used steel wool pad on mine and it looks like new.

          • steel wool would destroy a GLASS stove!

          • I tried the baking soda, covered it with a hot, soapy cloth for about 1/2 hour and it worked great! NEVER use steel wool though, it’s too abrasive for a glasstop and will leave permanent scratches.

          • Mike Hale says:

            Steel wool comes in different gauges. Coarse can remove stuck-on food. 00 or 000 won’t even scratch chrome. (Pronounced “double aught & “triple aught”.) Gauge (size) went by unacknowledged.
            >>So which did you use that turned out so well?
            >>Luisa, which size, or gauge, are you advising not to use. You did say don’t use any size at all.

        • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works WONDERS on my cook top and I have a horrible habit of letting things boil over.

        • try a little peroxide with your baking soda and give it a little time, I saw someone do this on a pyrex casserole dish and it “boiled” away burned on grease and cheese in a couple of hours

        • My biggest problem is hard water stains on my glass top stove. My favorite fix is to cover the area with a clean rag soaked with vinegar (pretty much dripping wet). I let it soak overnight, wipe it with the rag, and clean with clear water. Hard water buildup is gone & my stove is shiny!

      • What is with all the advertising for Magic Erasers here? I’ve heard that marketers try to penetrate social media, but this is going a bit to far!
        Hmmm…, I have a choice to use something natural and inexpensive, or something with chemicals that costs a lot more? You are either on crack or making money of it to choose the latter!

        • Dave, I am not advertising magic erasers – a previous commenter said something about it and simply a discussion among people who may or may not use them.

          • baking soda is amazing…just saw a post using it and the same method on the inside glass which i would love to try as well………………im curious what you use on her Stainless that makes is shine so nicely with no streaks or smudges!!!

      • I used magic erasers and they didn’t work for me. I will try this other with the baking soda. Thanks for posting.

    • Ive been cleaning ours like this for years! Works better than anything else Ive bought. I use baking soda for a lot of things bc its all natural. You can do this on the bottom of your oven also!

  2. THANK YOU! This has been an aggravation for me, too.

    • I did this and it didn’t work. :( I will try the Magic Eraser. Does the steel wool pad not scratch the glass?

      • Aww that’s a shame to hear.. Most people have great luck with it! Alot of commenters recommend barkeeper’s friend as another alternative. I’m not sure I’d use steel wool – that might scratch your surface. If I were you, I would use an exacto blade and scrape the residue off at a 45 degree angle. Hope this helps!

        • barkeepers friend is a great product but, through repeated use it did pit out my sinks. I use a straight razor and a cook top cleaner. Being OCD myself, I clean it weekly so it does not build up so bad. I will try the baking soda trick tho and see how it works . I also use a cooktop protectant liquid put out by whirlpool made specifically for glass tops..Love it ! It creates a non stick finish and takes just a few drops.

  3. great tip! Thanks for sharing! Do you think this method would work well as an oven cleaner?

    • Im sure it would work great as cleaner in general, but im not sure how you would soak the inside walls of the oven with the towel.. Maybe the bottom part where the heating element is? Couldn’t hurt to try!

    • Baking soda made into a paste with water makes a great oven cleaner. Just apply to the walls and floor of the oven, don’t forget the inside of the door as well! Leave for an hour or more and then wipe off with hot soapy water. For more stubborn stains I gently warmed the oven before application and repeated above. Beats heating up the whole house and/or using harsh chemicals! I used a scruuby sponge for tackling some really stubborn stains. I swear it came up as well if not better than many oven cleaners I’ve used. PS… I use it for my smooth top as well!

  4. thanks. yes it works. I didn’t use soap. just water and baking soda. My toaster oven came out super clean and shining.

  5. I’ll need to try this tonight after dinner dishes!

  6. Worked like a charm!! Thank you!!!

  7. margaret V says:

    I’m going to try this! I’ve also had great success on my stove, counters, and table with laying a rag over the stuck-on spot, pouring almost boiling water on it just enough to soak the rag, and then wiping it up about 10 minutes later.

    • You will think I’m crazy but i have white counter tops and they stain very easily. I use my husbands fast Orange hand cleaner and it takes up all the stains no matter the color! Even red stains!

  8. I am gonna try this. I like you was fooled by the thought that it would be easier to clean boy was I ever WRONG!! I have cleaned with every possible “cooktop cleaner” I could find and neither has worked. Thanks.

  9. I have this same exact stove~~~definitely hard to clean! I use baking soda and peroxide to clean my stainless steel pots and pans, I wonder if this would work better that soapy water???? I will have to try it~

  10. Fantastic, I knew baking soda cured a lot of things. I’m just going to add this one to the list.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Oh I am so trying this today. I don’t care if it’s my birthday or not, lol.

  12. Awesome… thank you… cant wait to try it!

  13. Thanks for the tip! I have a glass top and I’m so anal about my husband setting hot dishes on it! It drives me mad when it gets dirty!

    • I’m about to move into a place with this stove, what happens when you set hot dishes on it??

      • The glass gets hot and heats the pot/pan. I still think it’s easier to clean because you don’t have to worry about unplugging a heating element to thoroughly clean up a boilover. BUT you do have to scrub off anything stuck-on before it sticks “permanently”.
        Right now I’m giving the baking soda/peroxide combo a second go-round, this time with the full wait time. It did alright after just a couple of minutes (I was too impatient to leave it the first time)

  14. Another good thing to help remove the stubborn cooked on spots on glass top stoves are the white magic eraser sponges. When you’ve cleaned all you can clean and get to the point where there are just those little brown spots that will not go away, just wet and wring out one of those sponges and get to work. You’ll have to scrub a little on some of them but for the most, they come up pretty easy.

  15. So, I normally cringe at the thought of cleaning…BUT when I saw this post on Pinterest I knew I had to check it out. I tried it today and it worked GREAT!!!! I had one burner that was just black almost all over (I think my husband did it somehow) but it took it all off! And I must say that I thought I was the queen of boil-overs… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the great tip!

  16. Baking soda is seriously the most versatile tool in the kitchen, love it!

  17. this is great, i have purchased a couple of different glass cooktop cleaners and none of them have cleaned as well as your technique! THANKS!

  18. Sharon Hughes says:

    Thank you so much! I have a bigger problem than you though….broke my leg and hubby cooked for us….he took my iron skillet out to the grill and used it for something…then he brought that nasty bottom right to my nice, clean cooktop! I have rings that I cannot seem to clear up….but I will try your tip tomorrow….I know it is Sunday, but I just know that God will understand why I must work on that stovetop! LOL….after church of course.

  19. Wow! Another Awesome use for Baking Soda! I am definitely going to try this tomorrow on my stove top!

  20. I use white vinegar to clean my stove top just like this one. It works just as great as the baking soda! Nice to have an alternative if I come across something that really sticks. I do use a razor blade like the ones for scraping windows when I need to and it hasn’t scratched mine. I am careful though and the instructions that came with the stove said to use if needed. Works great!

    • I also use a razor blade. As a self-employed housekeeper with a smooth top stove of my own, I clean these stoves daily. I have never scratched one with the blades.

  21. Tried it, but it didn’t work as well as my favorite: Bar Keeper’s Friend.

  22. I will have to give this a try I really like the razor and the stove top cleaner by 3m that has pads that you can swtich out and a handle…but would like somthing with less chemicals.

    I also have a boil over problem, I just read on pinterest that you can put a wooden spoon over the top of your pot and it will prevent boil overs :) :)

    • FYI ~ Spoon helps slow the boil overs but doesn’t prevent entirely.

    • Bed Bath and beyond, go to their pots and pans section and hanging on the wall they have these little round stone looking things with a chef on them. Put that down into your pot before you start to boil the water. Will not have a boil over. Tried and True! I have like 8 of those things lol And I use them all the time, haven’t had a boil over since I got them.

  23. Thanks so much for sharing a great tutorial here. I’ve tried some expensive cleaners and they work, but your idea is inexpensive and easy to do while cleaning other things. I’m anxious to give it a try!

  24. most people don’t know this but windex is abrasive. you will get minor scratches using that. glass plus is a better option. thanks for the baking soda tip!

    • Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know that!

    • I didn’t know Windex was abrasive, but I do remember when we purchased ours, that we were advised never to use Windex. Regular dish soap and drying well / polishing w/ towel usually gets my top nice and sparkly.

      • I was told when I bought my cooktop not to use windex as it can also ruin the seal around the glass top. I suppose a little vinegar would give a nice shine and be far more economical.

      • The Dish T.V. tech who came to our house to set us up told us to never use windex on our t.v. screen as it will mess it up. He sold us a bottle of something that works fantastic and i use on my laptop and cell phone … so i guess windex isn’t as harmless as we all have thought all these years.

  25. Christa Emerich says:

    Is glass top the same as ceramic top? My stove is a ceramic top and the instruction booklet said to never put cleaners on it (unless specifically designed for ceramic top ovens). I’d love to try this but I want to make sure that it won’t scratch it. Any advice?

    • They are the same. The tops are formed first as glass, then the glass is treated with heat application that causes it to partially crystallize giving it ceramic qualities. I’m a self-employed housekeeper who cleans these stove tops on a daily basis. I’ve also owned one for about 10 years. I’ve used razor blades, Bar Keeper’s friend, and baking soda along with cleaners made for them. I’ve never scratched a top and my 10 year old top still looks like new. :)

      • Thanks Stacey I just got my first glass top last week so far no problems with the top but my daughter was in visiting & I already need to clean the oven! :( Yes I am one of those that after having the same coil top stove for 35 years I wanted something easier to clean cook top & hidden bake elements, love the convection baking. You put my mind at easy a bout keeping the top clean. Thanks a bunch!

  26. I have the exact same stove! Any ideas on how to clean the window in the oven part? I have some splatters on that and I cannot seem to be able to get them off. I have tried everything…. HELP!

    • HI! I just saw on pinterest another lady recommends the same method for the glass inside the oven, too!

      • I used a paste of baking soda and water, painted it on and left it to ‘soak’ for an hour or so. Took a lot of the stains off. I just repeat on a regular basis. Eventually they get less and less.

        For your top after cleaning you can apply Goddards cream. I use on my countertops and white appliances to give a shine.

    • My oven window was dirty so I called servicing at store where we bought oven; they sent someone out and charged $50.00! I watched and repair man said I could do it myself, but it did look complicated and he had alot of tools. It is in center of window so it has to be taken apart!

      • We took our door apart to clean the window…all it took was a screwdriver, some baking soda & soapy water and two people to put it back together. One person to hold the pieces in place and another to put the screws back in. It looks great!

        • Colleen, I am wanting to try to do this also since all the grease spots are between the outer and inner window panel. Can you explain how you did it? I tried it on my own and all the pieces kind of fell apart and I dont think I put it back together right.

          • Next time you take something apart, videotape it as you are taking it apart so you can watch it and see how to put it back together. I do that all the time. Most ‘smart’ cell phones have camcorder apps on them.

    • Oven cleaner!!! I also use the fumeless oven cleaner on my glass top. Lightly spray and let it sit a little while. No scratches.

  27. Bar Keeper’s Friend works well and won’t take as much time, not so many steps. I always keep it on hand. I also use it on my SS pots and pans.

    • I have used bar keepers friend & it works great. Gets the gunk off, along with a razor. It doesn’t scratch it. But I am going to try the baking soda treatment.

  28. I love my glass top….hated to clean burners and how the pans always looked rusted after just a few cleanings.
    Mine is 7-8 years old and still looks brand new. I use a baking soda based cleaner that came with the stove top. I’ll have to try this tip next time the potatoes boil over though.
    Thanks for the tip!!

  29. Carolyn Roberson says:

    Thanks for the tip. No more buying that gooey stuff.


    I did have to do it twice, put down a little elbow grease ๐Ÿ˜‰ But my stove top is clean and shiny!!

  31. Saw this on Pinterest, totally going to give this a try! The cleaner that came with our glass top stove doesn’t really work that great and it stinks! I’m all for homemade solutions!!!

    • Totally agree! before I tried this method, I bought this expensive cleaner from a high end shop that sells professional stoves and cooktops. It was no better than something from the dollar store! Baking soda rocks :)

  32. I use the Shaklee cherry scrub on mine. It works the same, but a dab of that and a wet paper towel is all I need. No soaking.

    • I use Shaklee scrub too, But we ran out and have been using baking soda. My 8yo son keeps asking me when I am going to buy the Shaklee again. He says it worrks better & it definitely smells better.

  33. This is awesome! Can’t wait to do this!

  34. Natalie Hastings says:

    Neat idea but just for reference Soft Scrub also works well, along with a razor blade.

  35. So glad I saw this on Pinterest. I got a new stove 10 days ago and I am not sure that I am going to like it. The spatters bake on and are hard to get off even right after it cools..I thought getting rid of the drip pans were going to be a good thing! I will have to give this a go.Thanks!

  36. Tiffany Cottam says:

    great tip! Thanks for sharing your secret ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Thanks for the info! I found you through pintrest & I’m so glad! I posted a link to you on my blog, too. I was so happy with the results! Thanks again!

  38. I’ve had my black glasstop for three years and wouldn’t trade it for anything! I use one of the “made for glasstop” cleansers and the little yellow scrubber pads to clean . . . but the real secret, I think, is that after cleaning off the cleanser, I use a dry microfiber cloth to polish it. I do this after dinner every evening — it takes no more than a minute or two, and it looks perfect. BUT . . . I’m going to try baking soda!!

  39. I’ve had my Electrolux black glasstop for three years and wouldn’t give it up for anything. It looks like new . . . I clean it every evening after dinner with one of the “made for glasstop” cleansers and a little yellow scrub pad — also made for glasstops. But I think the real secret is that after rinsing off the cleanser with a bar cloth, I polish the glasstop with a microfiber cloth — it takes me only a minute or two and looks perfectly clean. However!!! I’m going to try your baking soda tip — along with the magic microfiber cloth!

  40. Wow, I have the same stove and my stove is sooo gross. I guess with having so many kids (4 daughters and working full time) I just can’t find the time to scrape the stupid appliance. I’m going to try tonight.

  41. This looks amazing, i’m so trying it today! Thanks for sharing!

  42. I too have scrubbed for countless hours trying to get all the junk off of my stove top! I am going to try this tomorrow… with that said- I was wondering if I could “recycle” the box of baking soda that I use in my fridge and freezer to suck up the odors??? I am going to try and see!!!

  43. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this!! I have a glass top and I absolutely hate it! I am just waiting until the day we can get a gas oven and range. But at least now I have a good way to clean it, without the harsh chemicals. I’m going to go run and do this now:-)

    • You’re welcome!! :)

    • chocolatshop says:

      I have a 3-4 yr. old expensive gas cooktop and the areas around the burners are SO discolored. I have already scratched the stainless steel area around the burners with various things trying to clean. What can I use to get rid of the discoloration?
      Also need help with drips from citrus (I think) down my stainless steel dishwashers and refrigerator.
      If we can send a man to the moon why can’t we have easy to clean appliances?

      • Scuba girl says:

        Weiman’s stainless steel cleaner is the only product I have tried that actually cleans stainless steel appliances without streaks. I’ve paid a lot of money buying tons on cleansers that don’t work. So save yourself some money and go right to Weiman’s ans skip rhe others :)

      • The stains you have on your dishwasher are water marks and unfortunately, you will not get them out. I sell appliances and clean a lot of stainless steel and have tried everything over the last 12 years. Finally, someone told me about lemon Pledge. It is THE best for stainless! It doesn’t streak and protects the stainless against water marks. Plus it is cheap.

  44. Erin Turner says:

    Great tip! It works well! We have a glass cooktop which gets quite a work out. We live on a farm and do enormous amounts of canning and cooking. The 7 year old cooktop looks its age these days but your tip has given it new life! Whoo-hoo! Now it’s ready for another season of canning!!

  45. I always have a sparkling stovetop. After I wipe it down with my dish cloth and then scrape with a flat razor. I use Bar Keepers friend. Its gentle but just abrasive enough to get everything up. And no I have never had the razor scratch my surface. Cleans it up nicely, just like new. But whatever works for you:)

    • Gwen Hoffman says:

      I miss my old coil stove, it was so easy to clean, and I could use any cleaner on it. If I only knew, I would have stayed with a cheap stove and not bought the glass top.
      If one does not want to use a razor or does’nt have one, use an old credit card. Works great and there is no chance of cutting fingers.

  46. Great idea!!! thanks!!!

  47. OMGeeee! I found you via Pinterest; and, I have to say, this tip rocks! I have used both the soda and Barkeepers Friend, and I never thought to add the extra steps with the soap. Now I know and shall try.

    You rock!

    Thank you for posting this!


  48. I use soft scrub and the green nylon scratch pads. For the burned on stuff, I use a paint scraper with a single edge razor blade.

  49. Thank you for this idea! We bought a house 6 months ago with a beautiful glass top stove, but it had stains that I haven’t been able to get out, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING!!! It almost seemed like the stains were under the glass top. I’d given up trying to get rid of them. I’m on my 2nd round of baking soda/soap and most of the staining seems to have disappeared.

    THANK YOU!!!


  51. I use soft scrub and it works great and does not scratch the stove top at all.

  52. I just tried this and it worked!!! My stove top is shinning like a new penny. Thanks for the tip.

  53. I have been cleaning my glass top stove with Windex and one of those green Scotch scrubbers. Has worked very well but think I’ll try your suggestion next time to avoid the Windex smell. Thanks.

  54. I am definitely going to try this today, EXCEPT the Windex. The directions that came with my stove say never to use glass cleaner or any other ammonia based product. I do use a glass scraper all the time and it doesn’t scratch, but I still can’t quite get everything off.

  55. Thanks so much for posting. I always use a magic eraser, but I love this idea!!

  56. Kim Casey says:

    Does this work on melted plastic? Because I was a new glass top user and turned on the wrong burner. :-(

    • Yikes! Im not so sure it would work on melted plastic, but if I were you I would resort to a razor or exacto knife to scrape that off. Alot of people mentioned that’s their main way to clean their cooktops. Good luck!

    • Joyce Heishman says:

      Plastic will scrap off. Do not be afraid to us a blade. These newer tops are hard. I use a cleaner made by Weiman for glass stoves. It works great. This suggestion sound good too. Baking soda would be less expensive.

  57. Wow! I love this tip and it will make cleaning my stovetop so much easier! Thanks again!

  58. renarunyon says:

    this sounds good!! I was like you thought the flat top would be easier thatn the coils…in some ways it is but in others it diffinitely is not!

  59. I am going over to my parents house and surprise them with a very clean stove top tomorrow evening. Thanks for this.

  60. This should come with a warning NOT to use on a cooktop with knobs on the surface. I did this yesterday on my cooktop and moisture got into the unit by the knobs and shorted the whole thing out!! It IS clean but it no longer work at all!!! Do NOT use this cleaning method on a built in counter cooktop with knobs on the top!!

    • Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately when I wrote this, I really didn’t take cooktops like yours into consideration, I was simply sharing my personal method. I will post your comment just to heed warning to anybody else that tries this on a cooktop with exposed electrical knobs.

  61. Thanks for the soda tip, I have always used a cleaner for the top, and a plastic scubber and it always comes clean. The thing I have learned about these stoves, that if your pan has gunk on the bottom and you cook with it that will transfer onto the stove top. I have to scurb all my pans, so this wouldn’t happen. Tip for boil overs, esp. potatoes is either run a ring around the inside top ( an inch or so dwon) of the pot with your finger ,use olive or vegetable oil then put in the water and potatoes or add a few drops of oil to the water when you start cooking, it will not boil over/

  62. Julie Fishman says:

    Awesome! Now, do you know of any tricks to get the glass shower doors clean? I’ve tried every product out there and the grim is still on it!!!!

  63. Soft Scrub does a great job also and a lot faster. I like all ideals to make my job of cleaning easier.

  64. You can safely use a razor blade. It’s what the manufacturer recommends. I actually use a penny on them to show clients they don’t scratch at all. You just created yourself a whole lot of trouble. razor blade would have cleaned it in a minute flat.

    • Although a blade probably would not harm the surface, many of us don’t want to take the chance given the cost of replacing them, should an accident happen. This is a cheap, natural method for those of us who don’t want to use a blade or abrasive cleaners.

      • Gwen Hoffman says:

        Try using an old credit card, plastic edge works great and no chance of cutting yourself while using it to scrape off the sticky spots.
        Also, if one is looking for a different non-abrasve cleaner, you might want to try Cameo, I like it better for all of my stainless pans and sink.

  65. I am doing this now and its working great! I have actually used the razor blade method before and it did work but took me DAYS to finish. (i had two years worth of burnt on rings. I have another 2yrs worth on this stove and in 10mins have one clean burner already and it was the worst one. So IMO this is way faster.

  66. Years ago, when I had a smooth top stove, you could go to Sears and they had something call Smooth top conditioner. After you thoroughly clean your stove you could apply this like car wax and it would keep your stove top easier to clean. Like wax on a car, it conditioned it and made stuff slide off. I applied it once a week or so.

  67. Thanks for the info, I am definitely going to try this on mine.

    Wanted to share something that I found worked for me for plastic that got on my cooktop – I sprayed some WD40 on it and let it soak in for about 5-10 minutes. I then took a razor blade and scraped the area and it worked like a charm… the plastic came right off!

  68. THANK YOU!!!!! I just tried this and it worked like a charm!

  69. Thanks so much for the tip. I will definitely try this sometimes. I’ve been using Cooktop Cleaning Cream from Sears. It’s been working great so far.


  70. PA momma says:

    You rock! Thank you for your time saving share & for saving my arms from the torture they would have endured. I’ve got 2 teens that use this stove as well – need I say more? It was scary. This tip is priceless!~ I could not find a razor blade easily in my home but I had a pampered chef plastic scraper that came with my stoneware. I used this instead & it the gunk and goo came right off.

  71. Great advice for cleaning my cooktop, I would really love to know more about the Scrunge Sponge, where can you buy them? Also what is Shaklee?

  72. Thank you so much for this fantastic tip. I’d tried using a razor blade to scrape burned food from my glass stove top – without success. Using your technique – most of the food came right off. I was able to gently scrape off the tiny bit of food left because your technique softened the remaining burned food. Now I have a shiny glass stove top – thanks to you sharing :)

  73. Jayna, I tried this method and it did not work for me. My cook top is relatively clean as I use the glass stove top cleaner and razor blades when necessary. But there are “water” marks and duller areas that I had hoped to get rid of. I was disappointed because this method did not work as well or as quickly as my usual method.

    • Unfortunately, it’s not a cure-all method – I’m not sure how well it cleans long term stains because my stove was pretty new. I’m sorry it didn’t work as well as you’d hoped! :(

  74. Now does anyone have any ideas to clean the double glass on an oven window on a glass top stove? I had a spill and some of the liquid ran into the vents on the oven door and between the two pieces of glass. It looks terrible with the streaks down it but I don’t know how to get to them to wipe them.

    • I saw a post online a while ago that gave instructions as to how to take the door apart to clean it. I’m not sure but I think someone here may have done it as well. You might like to go back and scan the previous postings. Try a search online but make sure that whoever takes it apart knows what they are doing! It’s dreadful when you find a few leftover screws!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. Thank you.. It worked great!!!

  76. Be very careful if you take the door apart. I did that an thought I had it back together correctly. I made a mistake somewhere because a few days later the glass separated and fell in the floor and broke. A new door cost $150.00.

  77. I lifted up a bit the first attempt, Second attempt is in the works. Ran out of Baking Soda now so when I go shopping today I will get more just to have a squeeky clean oven top :) Thanks for the tips!!

  78. You know the manufacturers have to be aware of how much of an issue it is to clean these…it looks like by now somebody would have invented some type of coating or something that would help. I know when the stainless steel fridges came out, there were isuues with keeping them clean because every little smudge or hand/finger print showed up. It wasn’t too long before they came out with an alternative. The name escapes me but am thinking it starts with a ‘p.’ I absolutely hate my stainless set and smooth top range. I am ready to toss these out and purchase a new set–just the basic white sets nothing fancy this time lol.

    • Rachel, I truly feel your ‘pain’. I was tempted witht he stainless version of my fridge and decided against it… my kitchen is samll and receives little natural light. White won… besides, it matches my stove etc. I also have a smooth top and have found the only way is to clean up every spill as soon as it happens. It works. For a thorough clean I use Baking soda as a scrub and for stubborn stuff or the odd baked on stain, I spray the BS with vinegar solution as well. scrub, rinse and polish with a tea towel or micro cloth. It’s keeping it in good shape. By the way, best way for avoiding boil overs is to steam things like potatoes, veggies, etc.

    • Stainless look. At least that’s what I got. It loos like stainless, but is practically the same thing as the white stuff. Cleans easy. And less than half the price depending on the model you’re looking at.

  79. I tried this and it did not work at all. I followed all the instructions exactly and even did it a second time. The stovetop didn’t look any cleaner after than it did before :( I have read through all the comments though and think I will give the bar keeper’s friends a try.

    • Sherry, I had posted to use a paint scraper on the cook top. It works like a charm for me. Try it and see. I keep one in the drawer just for this purpose exclusively. I also do use it occasionally on my granite counter top when something gets dryed on and the dishcloth has missed it. Never has scratched yet.

  80. Shannon A says:

    Thanks for the good tip! When we need to ‘scrub’ our glass stove top, we just use a magic eraser. Just wet it under water, and scrub away, works great! We also have a polish that we use every couple months, that really helps too. :)

  81. I used to have a glass top and loved it. Would use the glasstop cleaner by weiman all the time and never had a problem with getting things out. Now that I’m in a new house with a gas stove, I’m finding it harder to clean off the last of the gunk that the previous tenants left behind. I think I’ll try your trick and see what happens.
    Thanks for the tip. ๐Ÿ˜€

  82. Stefanie says:

    My glass-top stove has a rubber “gasket” around the edge, and that’s usually where most of my gunk collects after cleaning the stove. Any suggestions on how to clean the rubber gasket around the stovetop?

    • I usually fold a paper towel and press it down with my finger tips to get it out. But that’s for stuff that’s not stuck or burned on.

  83. Going to have to try this! An exacto knife does great tho, doesn’t scratch!!

  84. Nicolene says:

    We just bought our first house. It came with all (almost) new appliances. The inspector excitedly explained that the range was a very expensive specialty one. Only, it was disgusting. The oven was beyond gross, the interior glass had stuff burned on and the glass cook top had circles burned around each burner. I have struggled to get it looking new (as I know it to be) for the last 6 months! This “pin” saved my range!! It looks amazing! I even used this technique on the door glass and it came out sparkling too. Thank you so much!

  85. I was pouring sugar into a hot saucepan when some didn’t quite make it, landing on the cooktop surface; the citrus-based cooktop cleaner seemed to do nothing (except shine the remaining surface beautifully). To complicate things, I’m housesitting a rather minimal-style high-end home with seemingly no imperfections…I’m so grateful for this post, which helped to soften the rock-hard sugar so I could scrape it off with a credit card! I’m not sure what I would’ve done without this simple solution, especially not being as cavalier as I might be in my own home.

    Thank you!

  86. Thanks for the tip! We try to avoid chemicals and cleaners with ingredients we don’t recognize, so I love this! My homemade all-purpose cleaner doesn’t work well on my stovetop, so I’m definitely going to give this a try :)

  87. I put dawn dish soap all over the burnt on spots then cover with baking soda. Rub gently into a paste with a dish sponge and let sit a while. In an hour or so, a scrub again with the sponge and tah-dah! Beautiful. The key is to clean it regularly, don’t let it get too bad before you decide it needs cleaned. I usually do this weekly.

    • I do mine on a daily basis. Giving it a quick clean after every use or every time I wash dishes. I try to scrub away any messes there and then while they are still fresh… so much easier. Thanks Wendy, will try your technique if I get a stubborn stain!

  88. Wish I knew how people saw this on Pinterest!! I tried to pin this for use tomorrow because I’m not stove cleaning at midnight and all the images are protected and not able to be pinned :(

  89. I have got to try this. I have some spots on my stove that I just can’t get clean. Thank you.

  90. Kelly Scott says:

    This worked great! Corn on the cob with sugar in the water boiled over and I could not get it off. Left the towel on for 25 mins and my stove looks great.

  91. I sell these stoves and I always tell my customers to use the cooktop cleaner BEFORE you use the stove and at least weekly after. The cleaner PROTECTS the top, something baking soda won’t do. Over time the surface gets microscopic scratches and boil overs sit in those crevices unless you use a cleaner. When I have made a mess, I put the cooktop cleaner on and use a glass safe scrubber pad. Then, and this is key, I leave it dry overnight. The next morning I use a razor blade, the kind you would scrape paint off windows, and it is good as new. My stove is almost 5yrs old and looks brand new; and yes, I cook a lot. Most cleaners will work well if you let then sit and do their job. We’re always in a hurry to get it done.

  92. Here in Thailand I’ve had difficulty finding any products for this. Back in the US there is a product for everything and Easy-Off would probably work in this case, but I haven’t seen it or an equivalent. So thanks for the idea as I’m sure baking soda is easily available.

    • You should be able to find ‘Bicarbonate of Soda’ (Baking soda) in most places. I lived in England for nearly 40 years and that’s what is referred to over there.

  93. This worked pretty well! Thanks! Found you through Pinterest, by the way. :)

  94. I always use a razor but this is great for in between razor cleanings!
    oh yeah and I’ve found Windex to leave streaks on my cook top but Pledge works miracles (Pledge is perfect for stainless steel fridges as well :)

  95. I’ve been using baking soda for a while and it is better than anything I have tried. I have not soaked a towel in dish water and let it sit for 15 min though! Very anxious to try. My guess is it will take a lot of the muscle power out of it! Thanks for sharing!

  96. Judy Conner says:

    What about the dark stains on you glass stove top..can’t get these off
    any suggestions, tried baking soda vinegar and the magic eraser doesn’t work help….

    • Hmmm.. That I’m not so sure, since my stovetop is black – I don’t have that issue… But if I were you, I’d try letting a little bleach soak on it and gently scrub to see if it will come off. I’m really not very sure that will work, but it’s what I would try.. Best of luck!

    • As I commented before— I use Shaklee’s Heavy Duty Creamer. I have had a glass top (blac) stove for about 8 years and at first tried a commercial kind of cleaner, then I found this jar of Shaklee and it works wonders. I have not had any spots I could not get out and have had a 10 year old cooking.

  97. Love my smoothtop, and I must disagree, I think it’s much easier to keep clean. I’m very fussy though. As soon as Ihave a boil over I pull it off and shut off the burner. Then clean once cool. I usually use soft scrub, but will try this method for a deep clean. And something I discovered after cooking for 25 years-add a bit of butter to the pot, keeps most things from boiling over.

  98. I am trying this now. Thank you for the tips. I will be posting my results soon.

  99. I keep a Brillo pad for those tough spots. Just dampen and gently rub. Wipe with wet cloth and polish with a paper towel. Brillo pad will last for many applications.

  100. Thank you for the simple directions.

  101. The previous owner of my house left a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend under the sink. I Googled what you can use it for, worked like a charm on my pots and pans, so my husband tried it on the stove top and it works great and was quick.

  102. Tryin this now!
    hope it works

  103. ya it worked
    have to get more baking soda didnt have very much!

  104. I use a special sponge for removing tar from vehicles. They are cheap, last long time and do not scratch anything I am cleaning.

  105. Instead of setting timer can you just put it on before you go to bed and leave it overnight

    • I’m not sure I would recommend that because it would dry and crust over, making an even bigger mess. It’s nice to be able to use the wet baking soda as a scrub to help pull off the carbonized residue. Good luck!

  106. Heather McCracken says:

    Wow thank you! My mum bought a WHITE glass top stove about a year ago and has regreted it ever since. (And tells us all the time) I can’t wait to show her this. So excited to try!!

  107. Thank you for the great tip ~ nobody ever tells you how HARD it is to keep these kinds of stoves clean! I can’t wait to try this!

  108. Sorry this didn’t work for me either, but my stove is a bit cleaner now!

  109. wanda hermanson says:

    I have melted aluminum cookie sheet into my black smooth glass top and damaged the top, by pitting the glass. Does anyone know of a repair on this top. Would appreciate as I may have to change the whole glass. There has to be a filler of somekind?

  110. The best solution is putting baking soda on the spots and then put vinegar on it and let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub it off, it comes right off everytime!

  111. Magic erasers are made with “SALT”, sodium chloride to be more accurate…they are not dangerous at all, in fact most of the packaged foods you buy has sodium chloride therefore you are eating what you are cleaning with if you are useing a magic eraser. The worst thing it can do however is higher your blood pressure and give you acid reflux.
    I’ld be more concerned with checking food labels then worrying about magic erasers! Your food is more dangerous!

  112. I am so glad I found your pin on Pinterest! Such a great tutorial! Any other amazing cleaning tricks up your sleeves??

  113. I use CeramaBrite (or something like that, lol) on my stove and its phenomenal! They have a handy razor thing to scrape it and I’ve never scratched it. Its kind of like car wax – you put some on, rub it around with a paper towel, let it dry for a minute, and then buff it off! The key is to use the scraper on the burnt on stuff and clean it every time you use it. It only takes a minute and it looks so nice and shiny!

  114. I have gotten the worst crud off my glass top stove with soft scrub, water and a razor! I buy a razor in the paint dept of a store and it gets that crud off in a zip! With a razor you may not even need the soft scrub! It will not scratch the glass! I’ve used this method for Years and never had a scratch! Makes it look brand new!

  115. A secret cleaner I found out about a few years ago is cream of tarter. You just mix it with water until you form a paste and use it to scrub. It is so gentle it won’t scratch but something about it can clean just about anything. Glass stovetop, burnt on crud on pans, etc.

  116. In all honesty, if you use the razor blade and the stove cleaner design for you stove it will polish up beautifully and it really takes less than 5mins and isn’t hard at all.. They should of told you when you bought it. I bought one over 6 years ago and it still looks great! The problem I have is the oven! I can scrub for hours with no luck.

  117. Veronica Church says:

    An easier way is a SOS pad. Wet stove top and SOS pad, scrub stove top. Wipe clean and spray with alcohol or Windex to finish. I’ve had a cleaning business for 7 years and this is the quickest way. Also cleans gas cook tops.

  118. “glass” cook tops are not really glass. Windex or other glass cleaners containing ammonia can cause them to turn cloudy. I think the baking soda is safe, but I’d recommend reading the cleaning instructions for your stove before i’d use any other chemicals.

  119. I use ceramabryte. (a little sample came with the stove) I got the kit at amazon with the scraper. It works every time.

  120. I just tried this. It worked ok, but definitely didn’t rid me of the rings completely. As in, I would feel ok going about my day and cooking on it now, but it’s not close to pristine. I like having my appliances clean, but I’m not completely anal about it so some people might be bothered by this. I actually have some Bar Keeper’s Friend so I followed up this method with that, and it’s still not ring free, but it looks better than it did with just the baking soda method. Thanks for sharing this idea though! I have no idea how old my cooktop is (came with the house), so it’s possible that these stains are just too old to fix at this point.

  121. just tried this and it didn’t work for me…stove looks clean but the marks are still there…

  122. Nikoletta says:

    Tried to print your “Kitchen Cleaning Checklist” and the only the little check boxes printed but no text.

  123. Bar Keepers Friend – the ONLY thing that cleans a glass top stove

  124. yo! queen of boilovers!! that was me, too, but i have learned that if you place a wooden spoon across the pan, it WILL NOT boil over! i need to ask prince charming why — i’m sure he’ll know, but i don’t! anyway of course you can’t do it over a pan that has a top on it, but i have found that if i use the spoon to get it hot enough, then i can turn it down to the appropriate temp and put the top on while i’m right there, and i’m free from the boilover dilemma! good luck!

  125. Thank you!!! My kids totally killed my stove-top this morning making eggs. This tip was a life-saver!

  126. Excited to try! I was also fooled thinking it would be easier to clean- but I would have bought ours anyway even knowing what I know now. I think I will need to buy a commercial sized box of baking soda for all the great things it does.
    I would like to say to be cautious for those of you using Windex– read your manual. My manual says not to use Windex and I can’t remember but I would think it would void your warranty if it states that right in there!!
    Glad I am not the only one with a stove top that is never clean!

  127. I have a question, my glass cooktop has a white stain in the middle of the circle, I dont know if it’s scratches or fogging or what, it’s been there since my husband and i went out of town and left our house to my mom, I think she cooked and tried cleaning with and it just didn’t work but i haven’t been able to get rid of that stain, I can get rid of the stains on the edges of the circles like burnt on ones but I can’t get rid of this one. Any suggestions?

  128. I am so so happy right now! I just got a brand new stove with a shiny ceramic gas cook top. It arrived the day I was starting a 4-day canning marathon (which was supposed to happen last week but the fruit wasn’t ready). Anyway, today, the last thing we did was jalapeรฑo jelly, and it boiled up and over and all over my stove top. All that sugar caught on fire and burned on, and I was horrified! My shiny new stove top had black sugar crusted up an inch thick! I tried magic eraser (which I don’t ever use but a neighbor gave me some as a gift). I didn’t want to try the ammonia trick that I’ve seen on Pinterest. I’ve tried the baking soda and vinegar trick on my previous stove top and it didn’t work. I saw this on Pinterest this morning for the first time, and thought I’d try it. IT WORKED. I actually let it soak longer bc I was putting the kids to bed. All of the burned sugar is off my brand new stove top and it looks new again! My heart it so happy! thank you!

  129. julie edmonds says:

    the baking soda didnt work for me at all, I use a glasstop stove cleaner from walmart then a razor

  130. Wouldn’t have to do this in the first place we cleaned up each time we used the stove…. Just sayin’ LOL!!!

    • I totally agree, I clean mine as soon as it is cooled or in the morning after I’ve made dinner so it has a chance to cool. I NEVER cook on a dirty stove. I use a ‘dollar store’ scotch-type flat pad, cerambryte or soft scrub and a razor blade in a holder, just like the manuals says to use. Sometimes just hot tap water and the razor blade, then wipe dry with a towel. Takes 1 or 2 minutes. I’ve now had three different colors: black, gray speckled and white; each was always clean. People make more work for themselves by not cleaning up as they go. And I am the Queen of Laziness so this is not hard to do, just make it a habit while waiting for the last kid to finish up their dinner — clean your kitchen.

  131. Great tips – thank you! When reading your comments, you mentioned that you have lots of boil overs – I definitely used to be the queen of boil overs! Hated cooking pastas, because of the aftermath :-( Anyway, being the Pinterest addict that I have to admit I have become, I found a great boilover tip which really truly works every time – no more boilovers!
    Here it goes – it’s really simple – place a long wooden spoon over the top of the pot – no more boilover!!!

  132. I am trying this right now after seeing it on pintrest. I am an avid cook so my oven is perfect looking but my stovetop is usually a disaster :) This is the first time ever i have been excited to clean something hahahaha. Thanks!

  133. it is best to use the store bought smooth range cleaner, and a sharp razor blade. as long as the blade is sharp it will not scratch, altho a dull one might. never use anything flammable on the cook top. use your common sense folks!

  134. I am curious, I hear about these smooth tops but my stove is a glass hop but is has bumps on it. It came that way and it needs do be cleaned very badly. Can I still do the.baking soda cleanser on if or am I SOL?

    • Give it a shot and see what happens – alot of other commenters have some great ideas too.. If all else fails, try scraping the bumps off (carefully!) with an xacto knife at a 45 degree angle.

  135. A steamer is much better only water …so absolutely no harmful chemicals and doesn’t cost anything…I only have a cheap steamer it has been invaluable….I clean everything …wonderful

  136. I’ve tried this once so far on my white stove top and it definitely made an improvement, but it’s not 100% yet… but my stove top is REALLY stained :( Going to keep trying this though. It’s worked better than bar keeper’s friend and magic erasers. Alot more gentle on the hands too!

  137. I’m sure this works beautifully and I will give it a try, but do not be afraid of using a razor blade (one in a straight holder) for removing those stubborn stains or clean up of small stuff. It won’t hurt your glass.

  138. This is such a great tip! Thank you… I too have a smooth top, and with having this the vent from the oven is at the back of the stove top under the dials… I have a nasty stain that has occurred from the steam that has come out especially if I cook something that is oily. My oven is white so it sticks out like a swore thumb! I have tried almost everything but I am scared to scratch the surface if I go with anything stronger …

  139. If you need to use something a little stronger than baking soda then try cream of tartar, which can be found in the spice section of your grocery store.

  140. Thanks so much for this quick and easy tip! I left my wet rag on for about 30 minutes, and the stains wiped right off! I am so thrilled to have my oven looking new again :)

  141. Yes i agree that Baking soda is the best cleaner and it really works. I often try this.

  142. I bought a glass topped induction cooktop because I couldn’t stand cleaning my gas cooktop any more. I love it – because the glass doesn’t get hot (it works via magnetism) nothing burns on and I can wipe off anything that spills. I’ve seen photos of people cooking on one with a tea towel under a saucepan to stop any spatter – too scared to try this as mine gets warm enough to scorch a tea towel.

  143. This is a really great tip, I’m Pinning this!

  144. Follwed the directions to a T and it didn’t work for me either. It did make it nice and shiny, but it didn’t lift any additional stains (I cleaned it with 409 first to see what else it would pick up). Darn, I was so hopeful!

  145. This works wonders! Thanks for sharing!

  146. Can you use this method on a gas stove top?

    • It might work well in the removable parts if you do this method with them on the kitchen counter or sink, but I would be careful not to submerge the gas elements with water.. Good luck!

  147. I love using baking soda and vinegar… So cheap, they last long, and they are safe! You can also use baking soda and vinegar to keep your bathtub and sink drains clean. 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 cup vinegar… Let it soak while a large pot of water comes to a boil… Pour boiling water down drain slowly and there you go!

  148. I had such high hopes for this; seeing all the positive reviews….but, this didn’t work on my stove! :( Bummer!

  149. I just want to say THANK YOU!! This works amazingly well! We rent the house we are currently in and let me tell you this glass top was HORRIBLE!! It took me 3 nap times to use a razor blade to scrape what I could off and then I used Bar Keepers Friend and a toothbrush to do the rest. I hate using chemicals of any kind in my kitchen if I can help it. This works so good and fast! I just put the baking soda on cover it set the timer and go play with my 11month old. Then I just come back and wipe it off! It has saved me SO MUCH TIME! And I don’t have to worry if I am holding my little guy while wiping it off. Should anything get on him it is just baking soda and water. So again THANK YOU!!!

  150. I spray some simple green on mine… use a razor blade… comes right up. After I get all the cooked on yuck off, I wipe the stove down with a damp papertowel to get the residue off. Walaa! All clean, no scratches.

  151. For all you boil-over people: Did you know that if you rest a wooden spoon across the top of the saucepan. the contents will not boil over?

  152. Baking soda is so good for many cleaning purposes….it’s another useful idea to clean the glass cooktop. Thanks for sharing!

  153. What brand of appliances do you have? I Love the sleekness of your microwave and stove. We are upgrading our appliances to stainless later this year.

    • They are both Whirlpool – purchased them at Lowe’s, however after looking at their site, I don’t think they have the exact model I have anymore. I them both!

  154. uNFORTUNATELY, Baking soda would scratch the glass cooktop, right? So, that is why I won’t try this, unless reassured otherwise. You’d need a nonabrasive agent.

    • I’ve been using this method for years, and it has yet to make a scratch on my surface. If you do decide to try it, rest assured that it won’t do anything but clean your cooktop. Good luck!

  155. I love baking soda! I use it for everything, it even makes good glass cleaners!

    I use a different method to clean my stovetop. This even work son normal coil burners tho it’s hard getting the grimy oven clean, but it works!

    I have a little spray bottle in which i put some baking soda and water, mix it all up, spray then wait for about 15 mins, then wipe it off. It works and the stovetop shines like it’s new!

    I also use the spray bottle for my counters, sink etc.

    The best thing is I love how cheap the method is! Baking soda FTW!

  156. I have used baking soda, and barkeepers friend and razor and they all work great for the stove top. What I want to know is how to clean in between the glass on the oven door and how does the dirt get there?

  157. Sabrina Stamatelos Clemens says:

    I take a rag wet it, add some vinegar and then throw it in the microwave. It steams up in the microwave and loosens all the stuff in the microwave. I use that rag first on the stove with the baking soda (I mix the baking soda with vinegar and water to make a paste) and it works like a charm, then I hit up the microwave and that comes out nice too.

  158. Worked great to remove the built up gunk and now most of my black cooktop is shiny clean. BUT I still have a white haze in the center of my large burner. It looks like it is under ( or inside) the glass. Does anyone have this problem and better yet, does anyone have a solution?

  159. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:

    I just featured this in my round-up of my favorite tips. Thanks so much for shraing it: http://trophyw.blogspot.com/2013/02/putting-pinterest-to-test.html

  160. I know that this is mainly about cleaning a glass top stove, but do you think it will work on a gas stove? if not does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean the brunt on spill overs?

    • The best way to handle cleaning gas stove grates is to seal them in a ziplock bag with a little bit of ammonia. The fumes help soften any solid residue, and they wipe clean if left to soak in the bag overnight. Good luck!

  161. Just found this on pinterest and i’m in love!!! My homemade syrup boiled over , and i put this on thestove, and now its completely gone! No scrubbing required! Thank you so much!

  162. Any thoughts on how to clean a newer Viking gastop? Cast iron grates enameled surface.

  163. I have a gas range/stove. Would this work on it?

  164. I have a glass stovetop, but mine is gas, not electric….sooooo….will it work the same?? My burners are so dirty, but it’s hard to let much sit on them…esp with the gas burner in the middle and in the way!! :-\

  165. Dont fear the razor blade, it works great. I got mine with a kit with cleaner and polish for my cooktop when I bought my stove. It scrapes the dried cooked on stuff or I soak it off with a wet washcloth then scrape.

  166. I saw this on Pinterest and tried it on my glass oven door. What a joke. Nothing except I learned if you don’t search out even the smallest bit of soda film left from the baking soda the whole house fills up with smoke when you turn on the oven.

  167. We have had our glass top for only a few months. We bought the glass top cleaning kit from Home Depot. I can’t think of exactly what it’s called off-hand, but the cleaning solution itself was a waste. The scrub pads it came with on the other hand are WONDERFUL!! They’re ‘scrub-y’ but won’t scratch like a steel-wool would. I actually went back and bought more and they’re fairly inexpensive, too! Half the time I just dip it in warm water and wipe across whatever is caked on. (Not a lot of time or elbow grease required :D)

  168. Phyllis Harrison says:

    If this doesn’t work, you have waited too long to clean it. It is a good suggestion. Let it sit a little longer. Thank you for posting. Phyllis

  169. Thanks for sharing this tip! I liked how shiny my stovetop was after trying this.

  170. kckidd1970@yahoo.com says:

    you can use rubbing alcohol and distilled water .to shine up your stove.I use that formula to clean my lcd 52″ tv.I found this formula,when I didn’t want to pay $10.00 for lcd clean.use like a 50/50 mix.

  171. Thanks for the tip I did try this once but only used baking soda, but will try yours tomorrow. But I’m having trouble with the back of my oven, it is that black and I can’t get it clean at all, when I use anything it gets all sticky and nasty and some of the paint is now off Thanks to all the stuff I have use trying to get it cleaned any IDEAS AT ALL OUT THERE??? i NEED HELP

  172. I’ve tried this twice. Not even a hint that it’s working. :(

  173. Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH for this! We ran out of our glass-top cleaner that came with our oven and I was panicking because NOTHING I tried was getting the burned-in stuff out (all-purpose cleaner, soap and water…). Turns out all I needed was baking soda and 15 minutes of patience (and a little elbow grease).

    I have this bookmarked for future reference, because we have a Frigidaire glass-top double oven (with one of the ovens being mini) and every single time I cook ANYTHING on the stove, the burned-in marks are AWFUL to get off! Not anymore though – at least baking soda is somewhat cheap!

  174. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for saving my sanity! We bought our house a year and a half ago and the glass stove top has been driving me crazy (to the point where I told my husband that I want a new stove – one with regular burners!) I have just tried this and man oh man…….I think I can deal with the glass stove top now!

  175. I use oven cleaner. Spray it on thick and even and let sit over night. Wash next morning with soap and water. Has always worked wonderful!!

  176. I have a white stain on my glass stove top, It is smooth , black when wet +white when dry, not food. I would like help to remove it

    • Try using my baking soda / soap cleaning method, and if that doesn’t work, try scrubbing the area with barkeepers friend (powder). You can get it at Home Depot in the cleaning section. Good luck!

  177. Magic Eraser is made of melamine foam, does not contain formaldehyde, see link: :

    Melamine is also toxic in large amounts, but unless you plan on EATING your Magic Eraser, you have nothing to worry about!!

  178. do you do this while the stove is hot or cool? My mom was cooking something she has never used a ceramic stove before left it with a lot of residue and burned marks :( I’m gonna try this right away just need clarification :)

  179. Have cleaned using this method twice now and it has amazed me each time. The vinegar idea just dissolves any baking soda left. I clean the rest of the surfaces with the same cloth and they clean up so easy now. So glad to use baking soda and vinegar which is a lot cheaper and greener than anything else.

  180. Tara Gauthier says:

    You are so right. We bought a house over the summer and this is my first time with a smooth top stove and it sucks to clean it.

    • I have to agree, I thought the nice smooth top would be a breeze. Unfortunately with all of the do not use of various cooking pans, and the difficulty of cleaning I hate the new stove. I have found that using Dirttex spray does a decent job at cleaning every time I use the stove top, and for tough spots, the Cerama Bryte, cleaning cream with Scraper & Pad. is the next best solution.

  181. Thanks! I got a new stove for Christmas and was worried about more chemicals in our home from this! For your boil overs – Pampered chef has a boil over preventer (I have 3 (or 4)) and LOVE them! Also a REAL wooden spoon laying across the pan does the trick! Thanks for sharing this!

  182. I cleaned my glass stove top with baking soda and peroxide the other day and it’s the cleanest it has ever been. Nothing else would take the hard to remove stuff off, but this did in a flash. Didn’t even have to let it set a while. Then again my stove wasn’t really funky either.

    My only comment about magic eraser’s is, it can scratch, so be careful. It’s an abrasive cleaner. Great at getting things clean, but will also take off or ruin some finishes.

  183. Time to clear up the magic eraser issue: Magic erasers are NOT toxic & are NOT made with formaldehyde……. http://www.snopes.com/medical/toxins/eraser.asp So erase away!!

  184. carol Casey says:

    you can also use white tooth paste, for a dollar store and a scrubby. apply toothpaste to top, wet scrubby and clean top. Rinse off with wet rag, shine with windex. works great too.

  185. Gabriellyn says:

    Wow! Lots of replies and I didn’t get a chance to read thru them so forgive me if this is a duplicate of someone else’s reply. My youngest son is a certified appliance repairman and he does use a straight razor to get those stubborn spots off. I was so afraid to do it but did so with success, I’m proud to say. It has to be held at an angle down close. What I did want to tell you ladies is that as much as I have babied my stove I noticed a few scratches on it. Yes…I said scratches. After a while I realized that as I was cleaning the top my finger that has my diamond on it was laying to the side and thats how the scratches were appearing. Don’t forget a diamond can cut glass. Also a little tip from my son…don’t spill or allow sugar to be spilled without cleaning it up as it will eat the surface. Don’t ask me how. Sorry this is so lengthy and I apologize for any typos.

  186. I’m going to try this…but just in case it don’t work for the mess I have, my question is a plastic scrub brush was used on my stove top but not by me…anyway it melted on there some how do I get that off?

    • Yikes.. Melted plastic could make dangerous fumes when heated.. I would maybe use a hair dryer to gently heat it up and use a scraping tool to shave it off. I’m not so sure that would work, but it’s what I would try if I were you. The baking soda thing I explain works best for caked-on food, not plastic. Good luck!

  187. I was heating up peas and corn in a small pot and had to move away from the stove, which boiled over as I left it on high heat. All the liquid burnt and baked on my brand new glass cook top stove. My husband pulled your site and I followed your instructions. I never thought it would come off. To my surprise it looks brand new. I was so happy. Jayna, thank you so much for the cleaning tip.

  188. Nice post. Your stove top looks great. You may or may not know that the company that makes most of the ceramic cooks tops is the Schott Glass Company, which is a German based company that is over 125 years old. A few more interesting facts. They made the first glass that went to outer space and they made the largest single piece of glass. They are far more extraordinary than the accomplishments mentioned in this comment, but think it was worth sharing.

  189. A couple of tips for really bad cooktops like mine( it came with the house we bought!)
    Use REALLY hot water
    Let sit for 20-30mins.
    Elbow grease required!!
    Green scrubber a must (as well as gloves!)
    Repeat AT LEAST 2-3 times! One side I did 2, the other I will
    Have to do at least 3 times.
    It works. Takes a lot more elbow grease then I thought!!

  190. hi! i was just boiling pasta on my glass top and it boiled over and i guess “cooked” a little. now there’s a ring on the stove up. will this baking-soda method work? it’s not grease or anything, it was just water.

  191. I have glass cook top and It is very hard to find the right cleaner for it. Thanks so much for sharing your idea! I will definitely try it!

  192. Does anyone use cast iron cookware on their glass top stoves? Results?

  193. Thank you for your helpful tips. Fantastic Article!

  194. I’ll have to try this!

  195. This most definitely did NOT work for me. But my magic eraser saved the day yet again!

  196. With a stove top looking that great in the before photo, who would need to do a good cleaning?

  197. A smooth top stove is not hard to clean, and definitely not harder than a coil stove. Obviously you don’t got 6 months between cleanings. Get a smooth top stove cleaner and a non-scratch pad and gently buff. It all comes off and you don’t have to scrub and scrub or wait for 15 minutes-an hour for something to ‘sit’. Sheesh.

    • Sometimes stove top cleaner and a buff pad is not enough, which is why I searched for an alternative way to clean mine. This cleaning method is for the residue that just wont come off easily.

  198. Thanks for this post! I just tried it and it worked great. As good as a metal blade and the ceramic oven cleaner I found I had run out of. As a bird owner (think “canary in a coal mine” and apply to all air dispersed agents) and a person with very sensitive lungs, I appreciate your posts on natural cleaning methods. And your deep cleaning kitchen print out. I have FAILED to even consider a lot of what’s on that list, I’m ashamed to say. Thanks a lot!

  199. Jim Stanley says:

    The cleaning method did not get the burnt ring. How do I get it off?

  200. I am so happy I found your website! This tip is just for me! My glass cooktop needs to be cleaned immediately but I don’t want to use conventional products full of chemicals! Thank you for sharing! I will try it out asap! Keep up the great work!

  201. I’ve noticed some comments date back to 2011, regardless cleaning is an on-going process in a kitchen! I will most definitely try your method Jayna it looks to be a winner. Fortunately my stove-top is not ‘too’ bad alas those outer rings spoil the smooth surface. I will give it a go, looking forward to sparkling results. I need time to read through all the comments, not today!

  202. BarKeepers Friend. I swear by it. can be used on many, many, surfaces, particularly fiberglass bath tubs and anything else you want to scrub, but don’t want to scratch.

  203. You are such a life saver!!!! I was about to give up on my stove, but now I know how to clean it!!! Thanks you sooooo much :)

  204. If the baking soda doesn’t work for you Bar Keepers Friend will. I use it for everything including glass top and stainless steel pans. It will even take burned blackened food off stainless with ease. Leaves them looking like brand new. Does a great job on the stove top and just about everything else in my world!

  205. As reprinted on Snopes, Procter & Gamble formally addressed the rumor, explaining “formaldehyde is not and has never been an ingredient in Magic Eraser.” The melamine foam sponge does contain something called formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer but this is not the same as formaldehyde and “poses no health or safety risks.” As we learned in high school chemistry, when you mix different chemicals the resulting compound is more than just a sum of its parts; the new chemical has different properties than its components. The company went on to say that it is “possible that formaldehyde may be present in minute, trace amounts as a result of the manufacturing process. Even then, the amount present is significantly lower than standards established by governmental agencies and trade associations, and is actually less than what is found in indoor air.”

  206. Jo Mackenzie says:

    Baking soda is the best thing any one can have -put some down sink drains–freshens them,cleans many household things and works magic in kitty litter–no oder!

  207. Yeah, I got a glasstop last year & hate that it never looks clean! spotty, etc. I’ll give this a try – thanks!

  208. Have you heard of the Scrunge sponge? They’ve made it for the glass cooktops and they’re incredible! They really work…may save you a bunch of time.

  209. In addition to this wonderful task, you can go to Lowe’s or HD & purchase a tiny 3″ in length razor in it’s own holder for $1.00, along with an extra pack of razors (optional) & if the baking soda does not take up those stubborn spots, very carefully and holding the razor evenly, scrap those few crusty spots away in a jiffy. Works like a charm.

  210. Can you re-use the baking soda from the freezer, I hate to just throw it away and Would love the GREEN aspect of reusing or repurposing the old stuff, any thougts??

  211. Thanks for another tip.

  212. I just use soapy water OR spray some Awesome($1 at Dollar General)and use a razor scraper that I bought at Lowes or Walmart for $1! Buff with a dry towel and it shines like new. My glass cooktop is fueled by natural gas and this works so great that I have always wondered why everyone else has not figured it out too.

  213. I’ve actually tried this – and it still works!

  214. yes the baking soda hasn’t been altered any, it has just absorbed smells from the freezer so you can use it for other purposes but not for cooking because it would ‘taste’ funny with all the ‘absorbed smells’ in it. Clean with it, no problem. Use it with vinegar in drains to keep them open. Read how, it bubbles! Or make a science project volcano with it LOL

  215. Sounds like a lot of work… I use SHAKLEE Heavy-Duty Scouring Cleanser “AT EASE” It is paste and all you do is wer a rag – using plenty of water— scrub it on. Wipe it off with a clean rag and it is nice and shiny… It is kind to the hands and if something does get burned on and left to sit you can leave the rag on and let it sit.

    I have tried other things- both home made and stuff you can buy from the store and this works the best of all.

    I am not a dealer. I have used this on sinks, tough spots on the refrigerater and also in the bathroom.

  216. This is an all-natural method meant for those of us who don’t want to use a harsh store-bought chemical. It’s just fun to know the power of that little box of baking soda!

  217. This tip saved us from buying a new cooktop ($325). The repairman said our pans were all wrong-which they weren’t-and that we would have to buy a new cooktop. I haven’t gotten all of the baked on residue off but I’ve gotten most of it and the top is so much brighter!

  218. I use Dawn Power Dissolver on my glass cook top for those scorched-on boil-overs. Just spray it on and then place a damp handiwipe or paper towel over it for about 15 minutes. Works great!

  219. Thank you for the helpful tip on cleaning the glass stovetop. I have cancer and cannot use things like magic eraser or windex for that matter so I have to use homemade simple things. Because those things are the reason I have cancer in the first place according to my doctors.

  220. Angela Joy Britt-Braun says:

    magic erasers and windex? not harmful? well not if you’re dead…formaldehyde is what they embalm ya with! Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll stick with the baking soda & vinegar. And snopes.com is not a reliable research source folks, just a husband/wife team throwing out their own opinions most of the time-yes, they have been researched now.

  221. You need to read this Angela. Its not formaldehyde in its original form! You breathe in a lot more toxins every time you start your car!



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