I meant to share this with you a long time ago, but somehow these photos got lost within my bajillion pictures and albums I have loaded. I always wanted to re-do my old dresser, I was just never sure exactly what I wanted for it. A need came about for a printer stand, way back when I decided to buy a new printer, so I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to re-finish my dresser and use that as a stand. Right now it serves as a place for all the paper I use to manufacture my prints on, with my printer convieniently on top.

So here it is, in all it’s glory in my garage last year…

This was my first furniture re-do ever! Of course, I had alot of inspiration along the way and of course – pinterest. I finally got the courage to sand it down and try my hand at re-finishing it.

At first, I tried to sand it all down by hand…

But that endeavor did not last very long!! I bought a small rotary sander at my local sherwin-williams and I must say – it was well worth 40 bucks!

I decided I wanted to have something that would look nice against my black and silver printer, so I chose a soft black for a paint color. One thing I would have done differently – I would have used a foam brush rather than a regular brush. It would have been nicer to have a smooth finish rather than a paint-stroke texture.

Oh well, it’s still better than what it was when I started!

Once it dried, I picked up some standard size half-moon drawer pulls in stainless steel from home depot and installed them.

I love it now, it works perfectly in my space!!




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