5 essential workout items to take with you to the gym

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

These days on my continuous effort of trying to get myself in shape and eat better I have been trying some new things in terms of working out. I've tried so many different routes – WII fit, DVD's, pilates classes etc..and I find it so hard to get motivated sometimes. To put it in terms that's easy to understand – I was always that kid with the note in gym class!

So I've been trying out trampoline fitness at a local trampoline gymnasium. You know those places that you set your kids loose in on a Saturday afternoon to attend a birthday party? Believe me, as fun as it sounds, jumping on a trampoline 1 hour straight can really kick your butt. After my very first workout, I felt pain my muscles I didn't even know I had!

 photo M2_NPL_Rewards_DBLB_Promo_Logo_UampL_RGBJPG_zps2b7d24f5.jpg

Everyone knows that a key element to attending a workout class is making sure you have some cool water! I make sure to always carry the essentials, here's what I carry at all times:

  1. Towel
  2. Hair elastics
  3. Deodorant
  4. Sneakers
  5. Water bottle

Water is needed on a constant basis, so I buy big packs of it at Walmart and store it in the pantry. Did you know that you can get coupons for Nestlé® Pure Life® when you sign up for their rewards program?

Pretty easy – As soon as I signed up, they flashed the coupon across my screen and I was able to print it.. Yay! Accumulate enough points and you can trade it in for something bigger and better. You get 10 points just for signing up. The Nestlé® Pure Life® Drink Better. Live Better.™

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Family movie night with the best movie snacks ever!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

I have waited my entire life to hear my son come home and tell me he wanted to watch Star Wars. Not the cartoon Star Wars, but the real one – you know, episode 4 where Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan as JP explained to me.

With a surprised look on my face, he continued on explaining me the Star Was saga as if he’d been a die hard fan for years. He finished with “I wanna see the movie, mommy.. Can we please watch it?”

Without hesitation, I went straight to iTunes to see if it was for purchase but came up with no luck. I moved on to Netflix, then Hulu and even our Verizon on Demand and still couldn’t find it. Bummed out, I realized the only way it could happen was if I bought the box set – George Lucas sure is proud of his movies!

So in preparation for our movie event, we got some yummy snacks to munch on just like at the movie theater.. We popped some popcorn and broke out the best movie snacks ever. The best part was when I went to walmart to get the goodies, the popcorn was 1$ and the Mike and Ike Zours® were less than a dollar! #CollectiveBias

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

I laid out a blanket on our living room floor and filled a 2-sided container with both popcorn and the new Mike and Ike Zours® candies. JP loves getting his chance to eat sour candies – it’s not often he gets to indulge. I wanted to make sure his Star Wars movie experience was as memorable as possible.

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

While I was preparing the popcorn, he couldn’t resist and kept asking to try one… I handed him a few to see what kind of #ZoursFace he would make.

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

First the initial reaction…

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

Then the laughs and giggles began!

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

“Are we going to watch the movie yet??”

…Long pause…

“Mommee! are we going to watch it yet?


This boy could not contain his excitement, but I didn’t want to burn the popcorn I was making because there’s nothing more disgusting than burned microwaved popcorn. Finally we were ready to sit on our blanket that I spread out on the living room floor. I made him a kid-sized container with both popcorn and Mike and Ike Zours®.

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

Then the movie began and he watched the entire thing! I had my doubts that he would actually sit still and watch the movie, especially after being all jacked up on sugar but I was pleasantly surprised by him! He watched the entire thing while we both ate the best movie snacks ever!

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

Then I asked him to make his best Zours® face for me, and this is what I got….

Mike and Ike Zours® Candies for the best movie snacks ever! #ZoursFace #Cbias #Shop

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Making summer memories enjoying some of the best ice cream ever

This post brought to you by Cold Stone Creamery. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of my all time favorite family outings is going to the ice cream shop to sit and enjoy a cool, delicious treat with family and friends. It brings back all that childhood nostalgia of being a carefree kid in the summer months when school was out – how I wish I could go back to that place!

Instead, it’s my son’s turn to enjoy those memories to look back on one day. That being said, I thought I should give him the best experience possible, and went to visit our neighborhood Cold Stone Creamery. I chose to go here instead of somewhere else because they use high quality ingredients and make their ice cream daily – on frozen granite no less.

Just look at that big chocolate grin!

In my mind, there’s something to be said for handcrafted foods, and I’ll take my opportunity anytime to enjoy them. So when I heard that they had new flavors, like Oreo® Double Chocolate and Butterfinger® Caramel Crunch, I knew I HAD to try it.

Since National Ice Cream Day is around the corner (July 20th) we thought it would be fun to celebrate by enjoying some new & tasty flavors. Ok, maybe I was just using it as an excuse – either way, I had to get my hands on some Cold Stone!

Cold Stone Creamery makes some of the most sinful ice cream Creations™ on the planet! Be sure to join the My Cold Stone Club for a special BOGO coupon just for signing up! Plus they will email you periodically to tell you about their special offers. Another way to stay in touch is to  Follow Cold Stone on Twitter.

So which of the summer Creations™ are you excited to try on National Ice Cream Day?


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