Taking our money lesson one step further

Since I last spoke about teaching JP about hard earned dollars and cents, lets just say that I needed something a little more concrete to work with. Because lets face it, the durability of construction paper pennies can only go so far! They got torn & they got wet, but the lesson behind it all was … Continue Reading

The importance of teaching the ‘money does not grow on trees” lesson to your kids

As a blogger who spends a great deal of time comparing popular brands, shopping the major national chain stores and writing about it, sometimes I feel like I’m giving the wrong message about money to my son. Of course, he doesn’t quite understand what I am doing at these stores, because he thinks we’re just out … Continue Reading

How to clean soap scum off glass doors with a DIY cleaner

  How was your weekend? I had a good one – did alot of office organizing and spent some time cleaning the impossible soap scum off my glass shower doors with yet another DIY household cleaner. All you need for this is an old toothbrush, lemons and cream of tartar. I mixed the 2 elements … Continue Reading

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