How to clean soap scum off glass doors with a DIY cleaner

  How was your weekend? I had a good one – did alot of office organizing and spent some time cleaning the impossible soap scum off my glass shower doors with yet another DIY household cleaner. All you need for this is an old toothbrush, lemons and cream of tartar. I mixed the 2 elements … Continue Reading

How to clean hard water buildup off the showerhead

I hate it when I have to task myself to projects like “remove the hard water buildup” off the shower head – it’s not exactly my idea of fun! For all those of you who feel the same, at least I can share a way for you to get the job done quickly with another … Continue Reading

Green Cleaning Method – How to clean the garbage disposal with natural cleaners

I hate the garbage disposal because it’s just plain gross. Not gonna go into details – because there are just too many reasons to list as to why I think garbage disposals are as gnarly as a cesspool. Lately, I’ve been using green cleaning methods more and more for household natural cleaners just like some … Continue Reading