My sweet baby girl has been growing so quick and it’s all going by so fast. It wasn’t very long ago that she was just a little peanut snuggled in my baby carrier! She is now a curious 15 month old that wants to do everything her big brother does and that includes eating snacks with him during the day.

She can’t always eat the same things he does because she only has eight teeth and no molars, so I still need to make sure whatever she eats is small & soft. One of the first brands that comes to mind for baby food is Gerber. I’ve used Gerber baby food for both my kids in all sorts of different varieties from strained fruits and veggies to the brand-new Lil’ Beanies™ that have just hit the shelves.

There is 2 types – Gerber Lil’ Beanies in Original Gerber Lil’ Beanies in White Cheddar & Broccoli

Feeding my toddler Lil' Beanies™ is a fun mess-free snack #AD #GerberWinWin

You can pretty much find Gerber products at any grocery store, however I found these at my local Kroger grocery store. I knew that Lil’ Beanies™ would easy for Melody to eat because I’ve purchased the other types before such as the wagon wheels and cheese flavored Lil’ Crunchies™. Lil’ Beanies™ is similar in look and it packs a little extra protein because it’s made of beans.

Feeding my toddler Lil' Beanies™ is a fun mess-free snack #AD #GerberWinWin @gerber

I gave her some to try while she was seated in her high chair and she very much approves! Giving her a few Lil’ Beanies™ really helps in her learning the self-feed skill which is important for her development.

Feeding my toddler Lil' Beanies™ is a fun mess-free snack #AD #GerberWinWin @gerber

We will be traveling on a plane in the next couple of days to go visit our family in Florida. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to flying with a toddler on my lap the whole way! I’m hoping that Lil’ Beanies will serve as a great mess-free snack both on and off the plane!

If you are looking to get these, visit your local Kroger Affiliate store and you should definitely find them there.




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