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If you are local to where I’m from, then you would know about the all-mighty hail storm that tore our little town to pieces. I’m not talking about little pea-sized stuff too – these bad boys were serious when it came raining down on us! When we mean grapefruit sized, we weren’t kidding!

Apparently hail is common here in Texas during the spring. This year was a little excessive in terms of size and pretty much pulverized our home and everything we own. The only thing I could think of as we walked through the aftermath is wouldn’t it had been nice if we got just a little warning when something’s about to go south? Maybe I could have ran out and pulled a tarp over the car? I know that there’s no such thing as a hail alarm, but a girl can wish, right? There are many other household disasters that have alarms… Burglars, fire, carbon monoxide – and most recently we added a Honeywell Lyric™ Water Leak Detector & the Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat.

It’s been about 2 months since the storm and now we have had a new roof put on, new ceilings, repainted the interior and now we are getting ready to replace our beat up covered patio. We decided to add a few extra treats in the interior into the repairs just to justify all this pain!
We added the Lyric™ Water Leak and Freeze Detector by Honeywell because I know a small investment when I see one. An early warning can save us in the long run should we ever have a leak. Water damage is messy, stinky and ruins everything! Repair costs from water damage can run upwards of thousands of dollars….

Installing the Lyric™ Water Leak and Freeze Detector
Step 1: Open up the package and pull out the device & cords

It is so very simple, just a box and a long cord that plugs in.


Step 2: Attach the cord to the plastic box. You can order more of these cords to help lengthen your reach for monitoring dampness (up to 500ft)
The Lyric™ Water Leak and Freeze Detector is battery operated – no cheap batteries here!


Step 3: Find a good place in your home where you would like to monitor leaks and hang it up!


Installation was so simple I thought I did it wrong! Just simply hang in an area that’s a prime spot for a leak to occur. I placed mine on the wall beside the washing machine.
Finish the job by configuring the wifi and add it on to your family of devices on the Lyric™ app so you can be alerted when and if a leak happens!


Once we got that installed we were ready to tackle the big project of the weekend – switching out the old analog thermostat for a Lyric™ Round Wi-Fi Thermostat.
We held our breath because we feared messing it up and being stuck with no AC!! The installation went beautifully as it was outlined in the setup guide. If people like myself and my husband can figure it out, anyone can! Even the app will help coach you through the process of getting the hardware installed.


In no time we were back up and running and began cooling our house back down. I’m really excited to see the results in energy saving on the electric bill this summer! Between the geofencing tool and the new radiant barrier on my roof I’m anxious to see what kind of a difference it makes. We have our geofencing set so that this smart thermostat can detect when nobody is home judging by our locations. It’s a super fun new toy and we couldn’t be more excited about using it. For all you Apple geeks – Siri knows how to use this too!  

Unfortunately the Lyric™ Thermostat isn’t for everyone – you must have a common 24 volt system, an 802.11 b/g/n wireless router and a smartphone or tablet with Android 4.2 and above or iOS 8.4 and above.
Be sure to check out home depot if you are looking to upgrade your home with one!

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