FabKids has quickly grown into my new favorite clothing line for kids. About October of last year, I got a promo card in the mail to try an outfit from FabKids for free. I was abit skeptical at first, but I thought I’d give it a try because I didn’t have anything to lose but 5$ worth of shipping costs. When I received my first outfit, I was blown away by the cuteness, and most of all the quality!

So.. over the past few months, I’ve had bit of a shopping obsession with FabKids… The great thing about having a little boy, is that he really doesn’t care what I pull out of his closet for him to wear! As long as it’s not “for babies” as he puts it bluntly –  like sesame street or Disney cars. So the expertly styled outfits from FabKids are a perfect choice for us!

FabKids Outfit

So with some of the pieces I’ve been collecting over the past few months, I put him in this adorable ensemble.. I love it! What I love even more is the price – only 29.95$ for a 2-piece outfit.  Try picking out your own FabKids outfit and get 50% off your first one!

*I have not been compensated for this in any way – I just love these outfits so much! I buy all these clothes out of my own pocket but the links in this post are affiliate links in effort to bring you more of these posts.



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