We got in some good quality mother and son time the other day while M was sleeping. it’s been a difficult process getting used to having 2 children to keep happy! However lately, JP has been getting alot of back burner treatment from me because of the baby’s demanding needs.

“O-kayy..” He grumbles as I tell him that I will need a few more minutes of time to feed and rock his baby sister to sleep. He’s been wanting to play with the Qixels that arrived a few days ago and can no longer contain his enthusiasm. After all, Qixels were on the gift list he wants to send to Santa this year.

Fun crafting with Qixels - #QixelsWorld #CG #AD

Finally, we were ready to open the box of Qixels and he just about burst with excitement. I love how children love the simplest things.. These activities are no exception with a price tag  of $9.99 to $19.99!

Fun crafting with Qixels - #QixelsWorld #CG #AD

I love any kind of activity that will help wet his appetite for creativity. With kids spending more time on the iPad, such as playing with their favorite 8-bit style game that starts with an M, it’s nice to see him using his good old-fashioned imagination to make his own monsters, warriors and ninjas.

Fun crafting with Qixels - #QixelsWorld #CG #ADEach box has something different to offer. We received the quick dryer, which is basically a spin tool that helps dry your Quixels creation after wetting it. Another comes with a water gun (as shown here) included to help wet your design so it holds together.

Fun crafting with Qixels - #QixelsWorld #CG #ADOnce he got the hang of how it worked, he was hooked and kept him busy for hours! It’s awesome for him to create something all on his own that really relates to what he likes. Now that we’ve got a few design templates, he’s told Santa that he wants the glow-in-the-dark beads now!

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