I hate the garbage disposal because it’s just plain gross. Not gonna go into details – because there are just too many reasons to list as to why I think garbage disposals are as gnarly as a cesspool.

Lately, I’ve been using green cleaning methods more and more for household natural cleaners just like some of these DIY vinegar cleaning methods I found . My favorite use will always be how to clean a glass top stove using baking soda. I feel drawn to natural cleaners and following green cleaning methods because I have a small child and small pets in my home. I feel like I should be sanitizing the space they live and play in with a non-toxic salt-of-the-earth type of cleaner as opposed to chemicals with names I can’t even pronounce.

Natural cleaners like baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, fresh lemons and salt are easy to find as you probably already have them in your house somewhere! Here’s how I cleaned my garbage disposal using baking soda, vinegar, lemon, water, salt, ice and a toothbrush.

Step 1:  Sprinkle 1/2 cup of baking soda into the disposal

Baking Soda in Garbage Disposal

 Step 2: Pour a cup of vinegar on top of the baking soda. It will foam up. Let it sit for about 2 minutes.

Step 3:  Pour about a cup of hot boiling water down the disposal after letting it sit.

Hot boiling water

Step 4: Put some ice chips down your disposal.



Step 5: Run the disposal and let a small trickle of water help wash it down.

Step 6: Pour about 1/2 cup of coarse salt down the disposal. Rock salt would have been better, but all I had on hand was this and it worked fine.

Kosher Salt

Step 7: Since I know my disposal can’t digest large pieces of fruit like this, I always put a lemon wedge down in there and turn it on. It basically just grinds it up and makes the kitchen sink smell nice and lemony-scented. I reach down and pull out the pulverized lemon peel afterwards.

cleaning with fresh lemons

Step 8:  Next, I use an old toothbrush to clean under the plastic flaps with a baking soda / vinegar paste. I just eyeball the 2 parts together until it makes a paste loose enough to clean with. Then I got to work with the toothbrush!

vinegar and baking soda cleaning paste

Step 9: Rinse and run for about a minute with the hot water running. All clean!!


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Thank you for the very helpful tip! I was wondering why you used the ice and the salt or what their “duty” is for this process. Thanks!


Crystal not sure about the salt but the ice sharpens the blades in your disposal .when ever i drop a piece of ice i judt throw it in the disposal and turn it on. And at least 1 to 2 x’s a week. i put a piece of lemon in there too. If you make it small enough you dont have to stick you hand in to get the peal. i thibnkthats what make it smell good. I also use lemon in my bathroom sinks just to keep them smelling good.


Thanks for posting this. You are right, they are disgusting. Thanks for this through approach to doing what we can with what we have!


In our disposal the rubber part is easy as pie to pop out and you wouldn’t believe how much gunk your missing by not pulling it out (if you can).


Thanks for this! It was so easy and I love the new lemony scent instead of the decaying meat smell!


this didn’t work for me :/ the black rubber piece is still nasty looking! oh well – hopefully it works for someone


So many steps! I haven’t tried it yet.. just about to.. with all that work i’m thinking this probably works!!


Thank you for sharing all these tips. I am going to try putting ice in my disposal. Cleaning with non toxic ingredients is essential for me and my family. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous tips. Best regards!


You may never know the impact you are having on all of your followers. Anything we can do to make a smaller footprint for the earth and consequently for ourselves and the health of those we love is so important. There is some evidence that commercial chemical household cleaners may cause cancer. No surprise, because we breathe in the fumes and absorb them through our skin (and mouth). I discovered that there was chlorine bleach in the dishwasher detergent I was using. Horrible because the dangerous fumes permeated the house when the DW was operating. I read all the labels now. Basically I stick to cleaning with a good microfiber cloth and water, with the aid when necessary of things you could eat like lemon, vinegar, baking soda etc. I am now a grandmother and have been moving in this direction since I was a young mother, often times feeling very alone and a bit odd in my efforts. Now I don’t even bathe with soap, experience has taught me that a good microfiber cloth and water actually does a better job. Ha! who knew! Bless you for your work in this area!

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