I got the idea to make a camera strap cover a long time ago when I saw them poping up on etsy. So this weekend, while I was browsing around my local crafts store, I came across these colorful little pinwheels of cute fabric all bundled up with a ribbon in the fat quarters section. They are called jellies, and instead of squares these measured 2 1/2″ by 45″, so I thought it would make the perfect pre-cut size for a camera strap cover. I snapped those up in heartbeat, because like a true fabric lover I will find a use for it.. one day.. Even if I don’t make camera straps with it!

I paid 9.99 for 20 strips of fabric, you get 10 patterns / 2 strips of each. Here’s the cutest ones of the lot:


So I ironed the pieces to get the wrinkles out


and sewed a simple seam down one side of the fabric with 1/4″ seam allowance


Flattened out my seam with the iron.

I measured my camera strap beforehand and it was 28″ long. I knew that I would need to finish each end of the fabric, so I added in an extra inch (1/2″ for each side of the strap) so that makes 29″ total.


Then, I cut the strip down to the size I needed and did some more ironing.


Both sides sewed up


Since the finished opening size of this strap will be pretty tiny once it it all sewed up, I finished each end with some fusible adhesive with a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Turning it right side out..


And there we go! No more ugly black and red canon camera strap. Now to make those others into camera straps too!





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What an awesome idea! I have been trying to pick out fabric to make a custom bag for my Nikon d40, now I might just have to get some extra to make a matching strap! Check out my blog: http://adetailorientedlife.com.


I love the idea of using fusible adhesive, there is nothing I hate worse than figuring out how to turn a long skinny tube inside out lol. I’ll have to try your method & make one. Drop by anytime for a visit.

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