Another natural cleaning method – remove rust marks off stainless steel

I’ve come up with another great natural cleaning method! How to remove rust marks off stainless steel appliances using lemon juice and cream of tartar! Remember when I got my nice new BBQ grill at the beginning of the summer? Well… the elements have finally gotten to it, and there are a few rust marks showing … Continue Reading

How to fix cracked and crumbled corners using spackle paste

*This post contains affiliate links. So before I actually painted the room last weekend, I noticed many cracks and crumbled corners that I never noticed before while prepping the room. Yikes! I wasn’t sure how to fix them. Like here.. …And here So I didn’t want to just paint over it, I wanted to see … Continue Reading

How to sew up a DSLR Camera Strap Cover

I got the idea to make a camera strap cover a long time ago when I saw them poping up on etsy. So this weekend, while I was browsing around my local crafts store, I came across these colorful little pinwheels of cute fabric all bundled up with a ribbon in the fat quarters section. … Continue Reading