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One baby product you are guaranteed to continue buying long after your baby is a baby are Nice ‘n CLEAN Baby Wipes. Though my years of experience having 2 kids and being a newborn photographer, I’ve learned that having baby wipes on hand is never a bad idea! They are an essential for your diaper bag when your little one is just an infant and the need will carry though as they grow. Toddlers are messy little humans and having baby wipes handy to clean them up can be really helpful.

Even though Melody is turning 4 next month and has been using the potty for quite some time now, the need for baby wipes is very much there. Recently, I’ve discovered the Nice ‘n CLEAN brand found at my local HEB grocery store. I’m loving the price but what I love even more is the quality!

Nice ‘n CLEAN Baby Wipes are made from 100% plant based fibers that are strong, but soft while still being thick & absorbent. No alcohol, dyes, parabens or chlorine found here! They are as natural as you can get with 99% purified water and hypoallergenic.

I also love that they come in the convenient packaging with the snap-top lid attached so you can take it in your purse or diaper bag for on-the-go convenience. These wipes come in two varieties – the green tea and cucumber OR sensitive skin wipes (unscented). Get them in individual, 3-pack or a large box with 336 total wipes.

I personally dig the sensitive skin wipes when I’m photographing newborns because they are as pure as you can get. I always have them handy on my rolling cart next to my hand sanitizer.

Find Nice ‘n CLEAN baby wipes at your local HEB!



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