Electrolux Dream Kitchens - #SuiteDesign - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Today I am sharing something I have yet to share, and the reason is because I’ve never fully finished it, so I never wanted to show it until it was done to my satisfaction. I gave my kitchen a slight makeover back when we moved in, and after nearly 3 years, I’ve realized one thing – it will always be a work in progress, so I might as well show you what I did to it when we first moved into our home in November  2010.  Above was my mood and inspiration board behind  all my design choices – I wanted a sleek & elegant kitchen with inviting neutral tones and a splash of color.

This is what I started with… The walls were painted a deep mustard hue with brown sponge paint, Ugh! The one thing I did love, was the faux granite countertops. That really helped steer my descison in painting the cabinet doors – I wanted some contrast!

Electrolux Dream Kitchens - #SuiteDesign - http://www.behindthestudio.com

The floors were a standard vinyl – typical of the homes in the neighborhood, and the cabinets were natural colored. I really wanted the cabinets to pop against the walls, so I chose a grey color for the walls and painted the cabinets white. At first, I was scared to jump off and paint the cabinets, but I really wanted a big change… So here’s what it looked like in progress!

Electrolux Dream Kitchens - #SuiteDesign - http://www.behindthestudio.com

The tile flooring was another thing that I decided to change because the grey tones work better with the countertops and white cabinets. I was so pleased when I saw how it was coming along – and relieved that I didn’t make a huge mistake by doing it.

2 Years later….

Electrolux Dream Kitchens - #SuiteDesign - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Electrolux Dream Kitchens - #SuiteDesign - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Electrolux Dream Kitchens - #SuiteDesign - http://www.behindthestudio.com

I’m still as happy as can be with my choices. I only didn’t officially reveal it because I don’t have a dining set that matches the modern style, I need a new fridge to match my other appliances and I need to put the hardware on the cabinet doors. I even managed to keep my turquoise splash of color that I was going for when I first envisioned my kitchen with some accessories from target.

Having the right appliances can really make or break the whole kitchen. Part of the reason we don’t have a fridge yet, is because we are still saving up for the right one. It’s all about #SuiteDesign and making sure you have the best functionality for your space. I’ve been eyeing all the new counter-depth varieties that are out there, which lies flush with the counter and don’t stick out past it, like the ones from Electrolux’s suite of cleverly designed appliances. Having the right tools in your kitchen gives you the ability to be super mom for your family! I’d really love to have one of those french door refrigerators with the perfect temp drawer – sleek and beautiful appliances are key to putting together a stylish and functional kitchen.

Electrolux even has a complete line of cooktops and dishwashers, streamlined and sleek for the modern mom’s kitchen. did you know that you can fit as many as 180 items into the Electrolux dishwasher?! Sign me up!!

Be sure to check out Electrolux on Facebook to get sneek peeks!

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