How to make Crispy and Crunchy KFC style fried chicken tenders – copycat recipe

Some of you might be saying ICK! KFC fried chicken is gross – I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. BUT, to those of you out there that get a craving for it every so often (like me!) then this KFC fried chicken copycat recipe is for YOU! It’s basically a copycat recipe … Continue Reading

The fluffiest, most delicious chocolate chip muffins ever

This one is an old family favorite – The best and fluffiest chocolate chip muffins. I decided to make these because I came across a large muffin tin this weekend while out shopping, and since I didn’t have a large muffin tin (only the small cupcake kind) I decided to buy the muffin tin and … Continue Reading

Making scrumptiously sweet Nanaimo Bars

Happy Friday everyone! I’d thought I’d start the weekend off right with a sinfully delicious recipe I’ve been dying to share…. Have you ever heard of a Nanaimo Bar? Chances aren’t that likely unless you are from Canada – these yummy bars originated in the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia in the 1950’s and have long been … Continue Reading