Vacuuming done the smart way with Hoover Air Cordless Series

I remember back in the mid 80’s when we got our first cordless telephone. Not talking about a cell phone either because that still came a few more years after this – I’m talking about that old fashioned phone that rang in the kitchen. We thought it was cutting edge back then – so why … Continue Reading

A whole new way to experience minecraft with others

This post is brought to you by¬† and all opinions are 100% my own Since there was plenty of 1 on 1 time for me and JP with boring afternoons while the baby slept, I broke down and decided to play minecraft with him over the summer months and see what it was all about. … Continue Reading

What to expect now that she’s here

  This second go-round of care for baby has been so much easier thus far. Most all moms I’ve talked to on the subject of having multiple children told me that I’d be a lot more relaxed this time – and they were right. When I was a new mom with JP, I freaked out … Continue Reading

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