Meet Cookie the Chinese Crested dog –  my very best friend who has seen me through the better part of 7 years now. From my college days at the Art Institute, to getting married and finally sharing the spotlight with JP. She has been such a good sport about it all – I love this dog so much!

I figure I write about JP so much, that the other child in my life sometimes gets forgotten. I made this costume for her quite a few years ago when I was obsessed with watching CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. I thought Cookie had the perfect long and lean physique needed to pull this off!

I really couldn’t ask for a sweeter little dog!

Cookie's Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Costume

Cookie's Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Costume

After finding this old doggie costume I once made in the depths of my garage, I forgot how much I really miss sewing! There’s so much I would love to share – Like how I used my serger to make this… And how I drafted the patterns from Cookie’s measurements

Cookie's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Costume

 I have to take a deep breath and tell myself – “All in due time!”



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