Having fun crafting time with Qixels Design Creator

We got in some good quality mother and son time the other day while M was sleeping. it’s been a difficult process getting used to having 2 children to keep happy! However lately, JP has been getting alot of back burner treatment from me because of the baby’s demanding needs. “O-kayy..” He grumbles as I … Continue Reading

Cool Brands games – A great crafty gift for crafty DIY kids

Do you have a crafty little kid on your Christmas list this year? If you do, I know exactly what they would love this year for Christmas. Have you ever seen your little crafter try to make their own gifts? The Knits Cool would be the perfect toy – It’s designed to teach anyone how … Continue Reading

{FREE DOWNLOAD FRIDAY} Kids Printable Memory Match Game

Hi everyone! Remember those old games when you were a kid? It was a box with about a zillion pieces of printed cardboard, and the object of the game was to match image to image by remembering where you last saw it. I’ve been wanting to do this as a friday download for a couple … Continue Reading