Catching sweet moments with the VTech VM343 Safe&Sound® Expandable baby monitor

  Going through the baby journey as my sweet daughter approaches her first birthday has got me in abit of a twist these days. On one side, I’m excited that she’s growing up and by that I mean she’s moving away from bottles and diapers. On the other side, I’m trying to savor every moment … Continue Reading

The secret to putting together a useful diaper bag

When you’re a mom to multiple children, and you venture outside your house for any length of time you have to be prepared for anything. I’ve had every mom fail happen from pee/poop/vomit disasters to forgetting a simple but necessary item like baby wipes. After many trials, I’ve learned what works best for me and … Continue Reading

What to expect now that she’s here

  This second go-round of care for baby has been so much easier thus far. Most all moms I’ve talked to on the subject of having multiple children told me that I’d be a lot more relaxed this time – and they were right. When I was a new mom with JP, I freaked out … Continue Reading