They’re finally heeere!

Remember that personalized stationery I talked about a little while ago? Well, they are finally available for purchase!!

These are boxed sets of personalized stationery, printed on 5×7 sheets of linen paper. You get 1 bundle of 12 note cards plus 12 white envelopes encased in a neat stationery box.

… And Always FREE name and color customizations!

Head on over to my shop and check it out! Order now and get it in time for Christmas!

“Eloise” – 19.99$

“Olivia” – 19.99$

Isabelle – 19.99$

Karyn – 19.99$

Summer – 19.99$

Scratch – 19.99$

Jayde – 19.99$

Zena – 19.99$

ZigZag – 19.99$

Colored Squares – 19.99$

The perfect christmas present for a coffee & cupcake lover

I got the really great idea to make this design from a customer request, because she loves both coffee and cupcakes. This is what I came up with –  I love it when customers give me good ideas!

Being a coffee and cupcake lover myself, I figured this was a no-brainer. It’s a perfect holiday gift for someone who loves both coffee and cupcakes!

8×10 “Coffee and Cupcakes” 9.99$

8×10 “Coffee and Cupcakes” 9.99$

Have you looked at Kewtsy today?

If you don’t know what kewtsy is, it’s alot like heartsy and groopdealz. Basically it’s another awesome promotion for YOU! Get some early christmas presents or better yet, some christmas cards!

Enjoy either

$12 for $20 voucher (save 40%)


$20 for $42 voucher (save 52%)

Click here to check it out!!

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