What going to Blissdom meant for me

Ok, so I promise this will be my last post about Blissdom – It seems it was alot to process! When I spoke of getting my dose of Blissdom the other day, I was really genuinely sharing the good aspects of what I experienced and people I met. I can’t say that I had a bad experience at all – mainly because I didn’t allow that happen. How good your Blissdom experience is depends on how you make it.

I’m too old for drama – Save it for your mama.

I must say the idea of putting 800 women together in a room for 3 days and expect them to all be friends and get along just makes me kinda giggle. Hasn’t anyone ever watched the Real Housewives? Going to a big, fat social event like this can send me into panic mode fairly quickly because its natural for me to be introverted in these social scenarios. I completely get it, it can be intimidating to walk into a room full of people whom you never met before and introduce yourself. It’s much easier to look down at your phone and repeatedly check your email – even though you have no new messages. I totally know – I’m guilty of it! It’s always been a struggle for me to find my social side and meet with people because by nature, I am very shy and introverted.

If there was a bad side to going to Blissdom, I would say that would be the act of coming out of my solitary comfort zone and jumping right in. Sure it was awkward at first, but you gotta make the best of it.

The Awkward Silence

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

In the newcomer meeting, we were asked to mingle in the crowd go approach someone you don’t know, exchange business cards and chat for a few minutes. I locked eyes with a pretty blond woman across the room, and slowly approached her. I couldn’t believe how much like this felt like the first day of high school. We chatted for a few minutes, each discussed ourselves and our blogs – but inevitably the conversations momentum died and that dreaded awkward silence finally ensued. She giggled and called it out “Yep, there it is, the awkward silence..” She trailed off.

I know. I get it.

So I did what was comfortable to me – I opted to participate in the Blissdom photo walk. There was so much beauty surrounding us at the Gaylord Texan, I couldn’t help myself with these images.

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

 Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com

Blissdom 2013 - http://www.behindthestudio.com


The new slim fast shake

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Slim-Fast. All opinions are 100% mine.

So yeah, you’re probably laughing because I am the same girl who blogs about how to make decadent chocolate cake, crispy gooey pizza and sinful chocolate chip cookies. I guess that’s why I am a good candidate for Slim-Fast products in the first place!! But aside from that I am no stranger to the ways of weight loss, and yes I have tried many different programs, diets and special foods, including slim fast.

My weight loss journey begins long ago, from an early tween age, I struggled with my weight. I never had an eating disorder or anything like that, I mostly just had a big complex. When I graduated high school, I weighed 195 lbs. By the time I got married I slimmed down, I was not skinny, but not what I thought to be overweight. I was a nice curvy, pleasantly plump size 12.

But then I got pregnant, and my curvy size 12 quickly turned into a size 16 in about 9 months. I was devastated. Coupled with the fact that I had a toxic amount of hormones in my body (or lack there of) after the baby, just looking at my naked form in the mirror would reduce me a tearful sobbing mess every time. Parts of my body sagged that never sagged before, stretch marks appeared – none of my clothing fit anymore. It was a very dark and depressing time for my self esteem.

As time passed, my doctor assured me that the reason I was not losing weight as quick as I’d hoped, was because I still wasn’t getting enough sleep. I found out that sleep is an essential factor for your metabolism to burn energy effectively, and the fact that I was up two and sometimes 3 times in the middle of the night was keeping me from shedding the baby weight. Eventually, over time I have lost some of the baby weight, but not all of it. That’s where I’m at now.

So I’ve had the opportunity to TRY the new slim fast formula, and I must say – I’m pleasantly surprised! Quite honestly, it tasted like a big glass of rich chocolate milk! So yeah,I tried it, liked it and I also liked it on facebook too :)

You can like Slim-Fast too!


When I went out to buy something from Slim Fast, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted Milk Chocolate flavor or Chocolate Royale because there was also vanilla, strawberry AND *gasp* Cappuccino. I didn’t realize they had cappuccino flavor because I guess they were all sold out at walmart, where I picked these up. Hrmm.. sold out? That must mean it’s good!

They also had several other types of products too. They had snack bars, meal replacement bars and also a can of powder that you scoop and mix with milk which seemed like a good way to stretch your dollar.

They call it the 3-2-1 Program because when you follow it, you allow yourself (3) 100 calorie snacks that are available in the form of the little snack bar I just mentioned, (2) Meal replacements – either a bar or a shake and finally (1) 500 calorie balanced meal.

Sounds easy enough to remember!


Seeing that it’s Christmas, I know better than to start a diet at this time of year. Because at the very end of the holidays, everyone has some sort of new years resolution. For most of us girls, our number 1 resolution is to what…? LOOSE WEIGHT of course!

Do you want to know what my resolution was from last year?
… It was to launch my blog, AND launch Bellabyte. I think I can safely say that I managed to keep this one. So this year, I think I will make my new year’s resolution to loose 20lbs. Maybe by announcing it to the world on here, there is some accountability on my part.

I guess we’ll just have to see how well I do!

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Cleaning your glass cooktop – part deux

Hello friends!!

I’m here, I’m alive and I’m back!

Incase you’ve wondered where I have disappeared to this past month, I have taken abit of a step back from blogging to focus on pushing my etsy shop into the success it is becoming. I am thrilled to say that instead of going weeks on end without any shop activity and no sales, I am finally getting what I have wanted since I began this journey months ago. Consistent sales!

OK – so maybe it’s not enough to quit my day job yet, but having that one or sometimes two sales a day makes me the happiest person in the world. It’s not even about the money either – it’s the fact that there is somebody out there who appreciates my design esthetic enough to shell out their money and hang my art on their wall.

It’s the most rewarding feeling in the world.. Next to being a mommy of course! But I will save that for another post.

Alot has happened since I last posted here.. There’s been some good, and some bad.. here’s the highlights!

1. JP had his first day of preschool

2. JP had his first experience with strep throat

3. I got to find out what strep throat was like again (and it sucked)

4. Re-finished an old piece of furniture in the house

5. My sweet hubs got an amazing new job

6. Had my first craft show event

7. Got my etsy shop to gain exposure

8. My sister came to stay and visit for a few days

9. Accidentally crushed my right thumb in my minivan’s sliding door (I’m ok now)

BTW – To those of you who have tried my glass cooktop cleaning method I posted about months ago – I am thrilled to hear that it worked for you! I knew it was too good of a secret to keep to myself!! Enjoy and pass it on! 😀



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