How to sew up a DSLR Camera Strap Cover

I got the idea to make a camera strap cover a long time ago when I saw them poping up on etsy. So this weekend, while I was browsing around my local crafts store, I came across these colorful little pinwheels of cute fabric all bundled up with a ribbon in the fat quarters section. … Continue Reading

Finally.. Some link up buttons!

Finally, some brand new link-up buttons with code snippets! Please link me up to your blog! I would be honored!!! 🙂 120×120 <a href=”” _mce_href=””><img src=”×120.jpg” _mce_src=”×120.jpg”></a> 120×90 <a href=”” _mce_href=””><img src=”×90.jpg” _mce_src=”×90.jpg”></a> 250×100 <a href=”” _mce_href=””><img src=”×100.jpg” _mce_src=”×100.jpg”></a> 50×50 <a href=”” _mce_href=””><img src=”×50.jpg” _mce_src=”×50.jpg”></a>  

How to make a pizza from scratch using jiffy crust mix

Mine came from a long line of pizza makers. My dad was one of those quintessential pizza boys tossing dough in the air back when such pizzerias existed. He taught me a thing or two on how to take simple ingredients and make it into a really good pizza. Making your own pizza has plenty … Continue Reading