Odwalla Champion For Kids Simple Service Project #CBias #OdwallaCFK

Remember the last simple service project I did? Well I have been graced with the opportunity to do yet another simple service project! These are so much fun for me to fufill, and I feel honored to be participating in Champion for Kids again . This time, I am putting together a sports kit, suitable … Continue Reading

It’s a great day to be Cookie #CBias #iLoveMyK9

You’ve met Cookie before, both here and here – and yes, she has always been a pampered dog in my books. When she was a puppy, I used to love getting her adorable little doggie outfits and I even went as far as booking her a professional photo session just because I thought the Chinese … Continue Reading

How to spike little boy’s hair using natural, organic hair gel

What’s your daily beauty routine like? Myself personally, I get up every morning to wash and moisturize my face, then apply a light dusting of mineral makeup. I love trying all different types of cosmetics, skincare and haircare but in truth, there’s something to be said for natural, organic beauty products. I enjoy using natural … Continue Reading

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