Love comes in many forms – Can’t wait for The Choice to come out!

There’s something wonderful about preparing myself for a bath where I know I’m going to close the door and check out for a few. I don’t usually have the luxury of soaking in peace for very long, so when I get the chance I like to take full advantage. This week I was determined to … Continue Reading

How to make the ultimate hospitality basket for your guests

Tomorrow will officially begin Christmas at my house because my whole family will all be here! Between JP being off school and the festive feel in the air, it’s finally hitting us that it’s finally here. I’ve known for the longest time that I would have house guests this year, so I’ve been preparing and … Continue Reading

Spending time with friends before the holiday season hits

I attended a party that was sponsored by Minute® Rice and got together with some other local bloggy buddies to kick back and enjoy some festive food together before we do it all over again with family. I love my babies more than anything, but sometimes it’s refreshing to get out of the house and hang … Continue Reading

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