Can your 2 year old read?

Mine can’t.. At least, not yet! But I give him every opportunity to learn through playing, and in my opinion it’s never too early to start. JP loves reading books, it’s one of his favorite things to do. So naturally I thought the tag reader junior from leap frog would be great toy for him. … Continue Reading

Endless bath time fun with Yookidoo Stack ‘N’ Spray Tub Fountain

Today I want to share the most Yookidoo Stack ‘N’ Spray Tub Fountain. It’s just the coolest and I just want to share just because JP has so much fun playing with his. He got it for Christmas as a gift, and he hasn’t grown tired of it yet, so I think that’s worth something … Continue Reading

A Lesson from the school of hard knocks

Yesterday was the day I found out how it feels for your stomach to hit the floor. Yes, JP had his first official hospital worthy accident that included alot of blood and 9 stitches. It all happened in one of those blink of the eye moments, that leaves you saying ‘if only I were 2 … Continue Reading

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