My favorite midnight snack has just reached a new level with Reese’s Spreads

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My favorite midnight snack - #AnySnackPerfect #shop #Cbias

One of my favorite midnight snacks I’ve always loved is peanut butter and jelly on saltine crackers with a cold glass of milk. As of lately, its become a nightly craving! So to change it up bit, I decided to start using Reese’s Spreads instead of straight up Peanut Butter like I normally use. This spread is a little different – think of it as chocolate peanut butter! I was turned on to it when I visited Walmart and got to see it for myself.

It took me a few seconds to finally spot it amidst all the other peanut spreads out there, but there it was right in the middle with the familiar orange packaging.

My favorite midnight snack - #AnySnackPerfect #shop #Cbias

Its so different from what most other peanut butter spreads are like – rich, chocolatety and nutty all rolled into one. i began to also think of all the ways this could be put to use in recipes! Ooooh the possibilities are endless! I started by trying it on my favorite peanut butter and jelly crackers that I like to munch on at night.

My favorite midnight snack - #AnySnackPerfect #shop #Cbias

So with a fresh box of saltine crackers, I spread a little love on each one before I top them with jelly. Its much darker than the typical light brown color that peanut butter is.

My favorite midnight snack - #AnySnackPerfect #shop #Cbias

Then I topped each one with a small amount of grape jelly, and poured myself a nice glass of milk to go with it….

My favorite midnight snack - #AnySnackPerfect #shop #Cbias

No words needed.. Do you understand why this is my favorite snack ever? I like to enjoy these after dark with a big glass of milk when JP and the hubs are both fast asleep and watch my favorite housewife franchise on bravo. Don’t judge!

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#AnySnackPerfect #CollectiveBias

Hearty winter dinner solutions with Marie Callender’s Pies

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Hearty winter dinner solutions with Marie Callender's pies - #PotPiePlease #Cbias #shop

 I LOVE an easy dinner solution that is both delicious as it is easy to prepare. I’ve always been a fan because Marie Callender’s tastes like homemade – with the golden flaky crust and tender pieces of chicken on the inside. I got the idea to make this because its been sooo cold here lately, and there’s nothing that hits the spot better than chicken pot pie when its chilly outside. So when I spotted this in the frozen section at Walmart, I knew it would make a perfect weeknight meal. #PotPiePlease

Hearty winter dinner solutions with Marie Callender's Pies - #PotPiePlease #Cbias #shop

As you can see, there was so much to choose from, its hard to make a decision! A golden, flaky crust is what sold it for me – plus it was large enough for second helpings!

Hearty winter dinner solutions with Marie Callender's Pies - #PotPiePlease #Cbias #shop

Preparation is a snap – all you have to do is make some slits in the top of the crust and let it bake for an hour and 30 minutes. There’s nothing better than the smell of something like this baking in the oven!! It leaves the whole house smelling awesome!

Hearty winter dinner solutions with Marie Callender's Pies - #PotPiePlease #Cbias #shop

So after a good hour and a half of baking time, I pulled it out and it had a nice golden, flaky crust. After letting it cool off for 5-10 minutes, we couldn’t wait any longer and had to cut in to it. It’s definitely a bowl & spoon type of meal!

Hearty winter dinner solutions with Marie Callender's Pies - #PotPiePlease #Cbias #shop

I served mine with some yummy ciabata rolls found in the bakery section at Walmart. These do nicely for dipping up that yummy sauce! #CollectiveBias

Learn more about Marie Callender’s pies by visiting their Facebook page


Meisters Cleaner is the worlds best stainless steel cleaner EVER!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meister Cleaners. All opinions are 100% mine.

I adore my stainless steel appliances, and I can’t wait to get a fridge that matches my SS stove/microwave combo to complete my kitchen. In the meantime, I do my best to keep my stove and microwave looking new by using Meister Cleaners regularly on the stainless steel parts.

Its very easy for it to get messed up – especially when you’re blogging about food all the time! Sauce bubles up, oil splatters and pots of boiling water can sometimes boil over leaving you with an awesome mess. I have discovered a great way of how to clean your glass cooktop using household ingredients, but for the stainless steel parts I use Meister Cleaners because it leaves it like new – shiny and streak free.

I got the opportunity to try out Meisters Stainless Steel Cleaner and Meisters Stainless Steel Spot Cleaner, and I’m so glad i found out what they’re all about. Simple and easy to use with great results – I couldn’t ask for more from a cleaning product! If you’re looking to stock up on some, just know that Meisters is exclusively sold at Home Depot and found in the appliance department.

Here’s what the Stainless Steel Cleaner did for my microwave!

It turned out so shiny, you could easily see your reflection!

Next I decided to try the Spot Cleaner on my sink. I had a little stain from where my soap dispenser sat and the Spot Cleaner worked beautifully!

My sink never shined so bright!!

Did you know that Meisters is giving away $2000 to use towards a brand new Stainless Refrigerator? Contest Dates run between December 31st and the winner will be announced on the Meister Cleaners website on January 5th.

Meister Cleaners Giveaway – Upgrade your

Kitchen with $2000!

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Be sure to check out Meister Facebook Page as well to look out for special offers!

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