Simple, easy and wholesome dinner options with Butterball Turkey Burgers

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As most moms, I'm all for trying something new and easy to feed my crew and grilling out is one of our favorite things to do. It's particularly MY favorite way of making dinner simply because 1) I don't mess up my kitchen 2) its easy and 3) it's a crowd pleaser – so it's win-win all around. 

Because of new dietary restrictions in our household, I've had to come up with some creative new ways to make tasty, wholesome meals that fall right in line with the doctor's orders. You see, my husband has been diagnosed with cyclic vomitng syndrome otherwise known as CVS and over the course of the summer it's been a rough ride for all of us – especially him.  As it turns out, there's only a handful of foods that he can eat as to not aggravate his condition and wind up sick. White meats such as turkey, chicken and fish are at the top of the list as protein sources. 

Aside from being served on the Thanksgiving dinner table, turkey has never been huge in our house until I grilled it over charcoal briquets! I thought it would add an extra layer of flavor to have the yummy mesquite taste infused into each bite – and I was right! It totally transformed the taste and put the turkey burger on a whole new level.

So easy to prepare – these burgers come pre-formed and frozen, so all you have to do is put them on the grill and cook! 

After about 8-10 minutes grilling each side (or until each side was nicely browned and looked cooked) I took them off the grill and let them sit for a few minutes while I sliced up some fresh veggies to dress it up. I'm telling you – the secret is charcoal!! 

I served mine up with a side of roasted potatoes that I made in my new oil-less fryer – it's the best 100$ I ever spent!

Be sure to learn some more turkey recipes by looking through the Butterball recipes available on their website. Also, there's some Butterball coupons to take advantage of as well!




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Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry Sparkling Water

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Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle  #shop

My favorite type of drink is anything carbonated. There’s something about the pop and fizz of that liquid when it hits your tongue that is so satisfying to me when I am really thirsty. To me, it feels like heaven! Since most carbonated beverages are usually laced with sugar or worse – high fructose corn syrup, a good healthier choice is straight up water. Canada Dry Sparkling Water  has a few different flavors that I decided to give a try when I spotted them at Walmart the other day. I used a coupon I got from the Walmart website to get both the $.75 and $1.75 totaling $2.50 in savings. The retail price on a 6 pack is $2.98, so you do the math! Totally worth it, if you ask me!

I was happy to see that they were re-closable bottles with a cap rather than a can that you can’t re-seal if you just drink half. When it comes to cans, I have a bad tendency to open one, drink half and once it looses fizziness, I dump it and start a fresh one because I can’t stand a flat drink when its supposed to be fizzy. I have better chances preserving the fizziness when it comes in small bottles such as these.

Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle  #shop

So when I got home with them, I first chilled them down in the fridge, because nothing adds more sparkle to my day than a COLD fizzy drink. Happiness comes to me in small doses, so for a little extra sparkle I decided to slice a lemon in half and squeeze in in for more zing. A little garnish never hurt either! :) #AddSparkle

Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle  #shop

I decided to go with 2 kinds of flavors that sounded most appealing to me, which is berry and lemon. Straight up non-flavored would be great to add juice to, but that just didn’t sound as good as the flavored ones did at the time of purchase.

Plus knowing that i’m not consuming a sugared carbonated beverage adds some personal achievement sparkle to my day. It feels good to know that I spared my teeth for just one more day.

Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle  #shop

Above all else, my favorite way of adding sparkle to my day is trying to keep my tummy from feeling so sick. Being pregnant with #2 has left me with few choices to eat that won’t send me hurling. A nice, cool glass of Canada Dry Sparkling Water helps settle my stomach when I’m feeling ill.

Reasons why I LOVE it:

  • Re-sealable so it doesn’t go flat as quickly as cans
  • Flavored to suit your personal tastes
  • Add a splash of fresh citrus for extra zing
  • Portable!
  • …And best of all – All-natural and sugar free

How do you add sparkle to your day? Feel free to share what makes you tick – I’d love to know!

Learn more about the lineup of Canada Dry’s products on their website. #CollectiveBias

Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle  #shop



Fast and Easy fried rice with Success® Rice boil-in-bag

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Success® Rice gave me the opportunity to share this delicious recipe with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Quick and Easy fried rice with Success Rice #SuccessRice @Success_Rice #ad

Jazzing up plain rice is one of my favorite easy side dishes to make with dinner. Unfortunately the truth is, I’m not very good at making rice the old fashioned way. I have a tendency to burn it and have it all stick to the bottom of the pot, while the rest of it is undercooked. It can be pretty frustrating – so I look for products to make my life easier, which is why I am a big fan of Success® Rice. 

It takes about 10 minutes to bring it from box to the table and here’s how I do it! First, I start a pot of water and bring it to a boil. I add the pre-filled bag to the bubbling water and set the timer for 10 minutes. It’s a BPA free bag that’s food safe and best of all mess-free – cleanup is a snap! There’s 4 different varieties of Success® Rice, regular white rice, brown rice and the new Jasmine and Basmati rice for more exotic dishes. No idea what to do? Check out these recipes for some inspiration!

Quick and Easy fried rice with Success Rice #SuccessRice @Success_Rice #ad

While that is boiling away, I chop up some green onions, and sauté them in a pan with sesame oil. I just LOVE the nutty smell it gives off!

Quick and Easy fried rice with Success Rice #SuccessRice @Success_Rice #ad

Once those are nice and soft, I move them to the side of the pan, and drop in a slightly scrambled egg…

Quick and Easy fried rice with Success Rice #SuccessRice @Success_Rice #ad

Next, I used a can of mixed veggies.. You can use fresh or frozen ones, but for simplicity’s sake I used canned. Just be sure to drain and rinse them well.

Quick and Easy fried rice with Success Rice #SuccessRice @Success_Rice #ad

Keep stirring in the pan and make sure none of it burns. Adjust the temperature as needed… By this point, your rice is probably ready to come out, so I drained and opened the bag into the veggies & egg. Mix it up well and add about 1/4 cup of soy sauce and stir.

Quick and Easy fried rice with Success Rice #SuccessRice @Success_Rice #ad

Quick and Easy fried rice with Success Rice #SuccessRice @Success_Rice #ad

Stir for a minute or so to get it all coated well and serve – a true crowd pleaser in no time flat! Be sure to stop by and visit Success® Rice on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for announcements, recipes and special offers.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Success® Rice.

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