Making felt balls using Palmolive Dish Soap #Palmolive25Ways #cbias

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

As like most crafty individuals, I enjoy taking some time to make things with my hands when I have the free time to do it. Now with JP finally in school, it’s left me with some free ‘alone’ time to relax, decompress and make something fun while he is gone. One of my favorite crafty things to make aside from stamping & card making is felt balls. I’m you’ve seen these adorning wreaths, garlands and many other decorative accents for their playful child-like appearance.

Making them is fairly easy – all you need is wool roving (I got mine on etsy), dish soap (I used Palmolive), a bowl of hot soapy water and clear cold water. I found my palmolive at Walmart in the dish soap section – There’s so many types to choose from! I came home with soft touch in Aloe.

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

First I began by breaking off a small piece of the wool. It comes in long stands, kinda similar to a long strand of cotton batting.

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

Next, I spread it out to loosen it up and create space between the fibers before fashioning it into a large, loose wad of wool.

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

Without submerging the mass of wool, I wet my hands with the hot soapy water and got it slightly wet. The idea is not to soak it, but just to get suds on it without loosing the airy sphere shape. One there was a good amount of suds within the fibers, I used both my hands to cup it and squeeze out the suds gently while still keeping its shape.

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

With very little pressure, I rolled it like making a meatball using the flat of both my hands.

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

Keep on rolling, cupping & gently squeezing out the suds shrinking the ball as you go.

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

Using the clear cold water, squeeze out some of the soapy suds and continue to roll like a meatball. You can use more pressure as the ball becomes smaller.

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

Keep rollin’ & rinsing!

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

Finally you’ll develop a nice tight ball like this!

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

feltballs made with palmolive dish soap #Palmolive25Ways #CollectiveBias #shop

The really nice part of doing this project using Palmolive is how soft it leaves your hands feeling without drying them out! There’s countless way of using Palmolive besides boring old dishwashing from making extra bubble juice for kids to blow bubbles to using it as a household glass cleaner. What dish soap uses would you do? #Palmolive25Ways

Be sure to check out the sweepstakes that Palmolive is currently offering – you can enter to win a 2000$ gift card AND weekly prizes. Sweepstakes begins on August 11 and you may enter here. #CollectiveBias

Creating a stunning coffee table with a few simple materials

This post brought to you by Elmer’s ProBond Advanced. All opinions are 100% mine.

Since our budget is tight, and I still want to redecorate, I thought I would build something unique with Mixed Materials. At a local tile shop, I found a gorgeous marble tile on sale in the clearance department for less than 20$ – Jackpot!! Then, with some quick measurements based on the 24" x 24" tile, I had some wooden legs cut to size. Did you know that if you buy wood planks at Home Depot, they will cut them to whatever size you ask? They didn't even charge me extra!

So when I took all my materials home, I started by building a wooden frame. I grouped four 23" 2×2 wood pieces making it a 4x4x23 wooden leg.

For extra style, I wanted to create a textured look on the legs by grouping 4 legs together and securing them with metal screws and wood glue. I made 4 of these to make up the table legs, then I joined each set forming a square by securing a wooden piece to each leg group. This is how I began the project…

Finally, I had a stained table frame that was ready for staining! I used a dark grey because I thought it would go nicely against the white marble top that I had,

Using ProBond Advanced glue, I secured the marble top to the wooden frame, and within 24 hours of letting it dry I had a brand new marble top table that I was proud to display in my living room for less than 35$!

And the final product…. my new table drying in my messy garage!! I let it dry for 24 hours before I brought it inside.

And here she is, finished in all her glory! A finished little side table that's perfect to keep next to the kitchen table!

See the ProBond Advanced video below and let it inspire you with a creative home project!


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Keeping our bathroom looking chic with Listerine

This post brought to you by Listerine. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've talked before about my front bathroom's little facelift, and for under $300 I was able to add some style and color without changing anything major. I took it from a sterile, bland looking room and transformed it into a fun space for JP to enjoy. Since he was getting old enough to use the bathroom on his own, I thought he needed something colorful that would appeal to his needs. After all, I wanted to entice him into good personal hygiene habits!

Looking back, I thought potty training was difficult… But teaching this kid to properly brush his teeth has been a major headache for me! Sure, he can squeeze out toothpaste on to his brush by himself- but only about 1/2 of it actually makes it ON the brush. Then after 3 quick strokes, he spits out the excess into the sink, leaving behind his clumps of gnarly used toothpaste to sit on the bottom of the sink.

Naturally after a few of these experiences, I've decided that I should brush my teeth along with him and show him the example I expect out of him cause old toothpaste stuck to the bottom of the sink grosses me out.

 photo 02225-57_listerine_izea_400x450_zps2bfd58fe.jpg

I like to use a mouthwash after I brush, and I've found the cutest ones from Target that are perfect to match my bathroom. For a limited time, you can choose from 4 different designs and flavors – Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, Arctic Mint & Fresh Citrus. 


I love how it looks on my bathroom counter! The flavor matters not to me that much, but I thought the orange chevron one would look adorable! Be sure to check out Target and see what they have available in your area or Save Now with Target Cartwheel!

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