Hi! My name is jayna, I am a full time mommy/wife/product designer/ compulsive blog reader & occasional crafter. I say ‘occasional’ because like many, once I’m done with the mommy/wife/product designer/compulsive blog reader parts I am too pooped for anything else. This is part of the reason why I started this blog – It’s so I actually ‘make’ some of the things I just ‘think’ about making all the time.

I also design custom graphics of all types over at bellabyte.

This is my little angel, JP or as I like to call him, Johnny-Paul. He just turned 2 years old this past April. He is a typical little boy – obsessed with cars, loves to get dirty and all around rough and tumble.


This is our insane looking chinese crested dog – Cookie (Yes, she’s one of those hairless breeds)


And of course,  the love of my life – my darling husband.







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