For those who know me personally, you probably know that I’m always always within arms reach of my coffee mug. Whether I am in the car (cupholder) or at my computer my cup of joe is not too far away.

My love affair with coffee dates back pretty far in my life – at nearly 40 years old now, I don’t really remember how or when I got my first taste for it. All I know is that I have a huge collection of mugs and a really discerning taste for fine coffee. 

This is my mug collection…

As you can see, my mug cabinet is slightly out of control. My husband is not a fan of my large white Rae Dunn mugs, so I have to keep a few of the smaller mugs for him. This section of the cabinet also houses to-go mugs and almost empty bags of coffee, sugar bowls, cream dispensers, coffee presses and random tea bags on the upper levels. This is why my coffee station needs a much needed makeover!

I decided the best way to make a pleasing space would be to get out all my beloved mugs and display them because… They’re adorable and I love them! If you collect Rae Dunn anything, you will understand the obsession. 

Between my handy drill and some online shopping for a new mug rack and coffee decor, I got myself a really cute mug rack that fits perfectly on my backsplash to display my mugs and I absolutely love it!!



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