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I’ve talked about my dear Cookie many times, and as you well know she is my beloved hairless Chinese Crested dog. The pic below tells no lies – she has always been a pampered dog with weekly grooming rituals. When she was a puppy, I used to love getting her adorable little doggie outfits and I even went as far as booking her a professional photo session just because I thought she was so uniquely beautiful (even tho some folks think she’s UGLY). Here she is, in her younger years posing for the camera.. She’s such a ham!

Choosing the a dog food that will be healthy for your dog can be a tough choice because we all want to make sure that our beloved pets get everything they need from a nutritional standpoint. It’s super important to me to make sure my Cookie’s health is in prime shape because we want her to be around for as long as possible. Just look at that doggie smile and bright eyes – she’s almost 13, but still every bit as playful as a puppy and I intend to keep her that way!

I sometimes  buy my pet supplies when I’m at my local Dollar General because I just love the variety of pet products they have compared to other shops I go to. It’s easy to get in and out of as compared to bigger stores and they usually have what I am looking for.

The last time I was there, I purchased Purina® Dog Chow® dog food so I can give our Cookie some of the best nutrition and value that money can buy. It provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition adult dogs need to help them live long, healthy lives. I made sure to purchase the specially marked package just because I love to support causes I believe in. I love that Purina® Dog Chow® is training dogs to help our vets in their daily lives. Dogs are such smart animals and can be taught so much if you work consistently with them. Here’s some tips to help train your dog to do the simplest of commands that even the worst obedience school dropouts can master.


One of the first thing any dog owner teaches their pup. Whenever I have a treat in my hand, I don’t even have to ask mine to sit! She preemptively sits in hopes of getting the treat! For those still teaching, it’s important to be patient – you dog will soon understand!

  1. Hold the treat close to the dog’s nose so they can smell it
  2. Say sit and gently move their bottom downwards into the seated position
  3. As soon as the dog sits, reward them with the treat. Keep repeating! Practice makes perfect.


First, make sure your dog has mastered the “sit” command. Then you can build upon their learning and teach them something new.

  1. Ask your dog to sit
  2. Show the dog the palm of your hand like a “stop” sign and repeat “stay”
  3. Move backwards, away from the dog and reward them if they stay put with a small treat


The “come” command can be a really important one to teach your dog because it can get them out of trouble – especially if they are off their leash. Every dog/dog owner should master this one! Your dog should first master sit and stay before trying this one.

  1. Have your dog sit and stay
  2. Move a few feet away from your dog and make sure they stay. If they move, do not reward them.
  3. Ask your dog to “come” and only reward them if they listen to your commands correctly. Practice, practice practice!

Dogs thrive on meat and Purina® Dog Chow® is crafted in the USA and made with real beef, lamb or American-Raised Chicken.. Every ingredient is carefully selected to create the best possible nutrition for your dog.


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