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Every time daylight savings time comes around I get that urge for spring cleaning – do you get that? Spring is the time when we feel most alive, so it feels normal to want to have a clean, fresh, and decluttered home to enjoy throughout the season. But, besides getting all the cleaning products you need, decorations, and everything else that will help you give a brand new look to your home, did you know that it is also a great time to replace your vacuum bag and filter? Many people are not aware that used and clogged vacuum bags and filters mean distributing dust and allergens into the house each time you use your vacuum cleaner. After all, you’re looking to get the house cleaned, not to recirculate nasty particles that give the air a foul smell and can trigger respiratory problems.

So, when creating your spring cleaning necessities list, be sure to include ARM & HAMMER vacuum bags and filters

Dirt Devil & Arm and Hammer filter vacuum

Why opt for this brand of vacuum bags and filters instead of others? To start with, even if you have never changed a vacuum bag and filter before, you will find that it is an extremely easy task with ARM & HAMMER. ARM & HAMMER offers a wide range of bags and filters that fit almost any brand of vacuum cleaner out there, so be sure to check if your vacuum takes an ARM & HAMMER bag or filter.

Many people may wonder why vacuum bags and filters need to be replaced if the vacuum cleaner still works. Well, the vacuum cleaner may work, but it most certainly doesn’t function as well as it did back in its first days. This is not happening because the machine got old, it is more likely happening due to a vacuum bag and/or filter that is clogged with dust and debris. If you want to see your vacuum cleaner come back to life – just in time for spring cleaning – you need to replace the old and dusty bag and/or filters with new and more efficient ones. ARM & HAMMER HEPA filters are much more efficient than regular filters you may use, capturing 99.97% of the debris produced by dust mites, molds, dander coming from your pets, and pollen, which are extremely small particles that are hardly captured by regular filters. Replace vacuum bags every 1-2 months and vacuum filters every 3-6 months for optimal vacuum performance. So, replacing your old filters with new ones from ARM & HAMMER won’t just increase the suction power of your vacuum cleaner, but it will be a decision that will lead to a much cleaner and allergen-free house. After all, this is the purpose of spring cleaning.

So, forget about dust, pet hair, dust mites, dander, hair, and anything else that may reside in your carpets, as they will be all gone with the help of the ARM & HAMMER vacuum bags and filters. If you’re wondering where you can find them, head over to Armhammervac.com. Having said all these, enjoy your shopping session and good luck with your spring cleaning.


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