Thank you AtHome for sponsoring this post and allowing me to purchase some of your fine home decor with the gift card you sent me! My fireplace mantle looks amazing and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out for the holidays.

One of my favorite shopping destinations around for home decor is the nearby AtHome supercenter for all home related knick knacks and items. With 1000’s of items to choose from you could go in there looking for a rug and end up leaving with new accent tables, artwork and a new frying pan.

Make no mistake, it is the holiday season, so they have a HUGE Christmas decor section. Almost 1/3 of this store was just dedicated to Christmas and fall clearance. It was so nice to see such a huge variety of styles to pic from.

Some of my favorites were the woodland creatures and rustic decor..

They even had every kind of Christmas tree and stocking! They also had those weights with the hooks that you hang the stocking from on the mantle. The weights are very pretty and I love them but I struggled to resist buying a set this year. I’ve had these before but command strips seem to work better in hanging stockings because they get much too heavy for the weights when they’re filled and topple over.

So altogether now.. I brought a whole new set of stocking because they were a complete steal! Only $7.99 each and they coordinate perfectly with the woodland creatures.

I loved this little sign that caught my eye. I knew it would go perfectly right here! I also got some long stemmed sparkly flowers and a silver, shimmery vase because I thought they were pretty..

Lets not forget the rustic dried cotton twigs.. I love the country appeal these have as home decor in general! I couldn’t pass up the let it snow sign either for $5..

On the other side, I got some flameless LED battery operated candles and a fuzzy woodland creature to hang out.

AtHome is a great resource for any kind of holiday decor! I was so pleased with all that I found there, and clearly not the only person. The day I went, it was packed full of people! I did manage to explore outside the holiday section and even have my eye on a couch that I saw.. They even have delivery available!

Of course no trip to AtHome is complete without going through the impulse shopping isle on the way out! I love all the coffee cups they had, but I had already spend a bundle on Christmas decor. Next time for sure!!


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