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Do you have a minion fan in your house? If you anticipate buying any despicable me toys this season then look no further than the WowWee MiP Turbo Dave. It’s straight out of Gru’s lair, this motion-detecting, self-balancing henchman is ready to play. Get up to all kinds of mischief with your very own Minion MiP Turbo Dave from WowWee.

Turbo Dave comes in 2 varieties and they are both equally fun and quirky. One is a smaller version designed for young children 4+ and the larger turbo Dave has more advanced features with coding capability and it’s designed for children 8+.

The instructions came loaded with an easy to follow quick start guide. As soon as I plugged the batteries in, Dave immediately began rambling a chorus of random silly minion speak until I got the accompanying app downloaded and installed. I found it easily on the app store and connecting the app software with the toy was a snap – even a child can do it!

Packed with fun and games, this self-balancing robot speaks “MinioneseTM” the official Minion language, responds to clapping and hand gestures, and can be controlled from the Turbodave app on your compatible smartphone or tablet! It was definitely a toy to remember and both myself and my son had plenty of laughs trying to get turbo Dave to do all sorts of absurd things.

Until he ran into the other living room relics like the dog toy and dollhouse and faceplanted. Cracked me up because all you can hear is Turbo Dave say “bee doh, dee doh, bee doh” over and over until you come fix him!

Turbo Dave even makes sounds like you’re throwing him off balance when you step in front of him and you can control his direction around a room much like a remote controlled car through the iPad app. App pairing for robotic programming and AR experience through game play and you can try on different emotions and get him to dance! Best of all, you can have a fart battle with another turbo Dave and program Turbo Dave by using the advanced coding portion of the app.

JP was having a blast controlling Turbo Dave’s every move, emotion and song he could sing via the app.

Make no mistake, this is not another boring remote controlled toy – Turbo Dave does not disappoint with his larger than life personality and is the only full experience robotic Minion that brings the Minion world to life. I highly recommend this one for any minion lovers out there! Enjoy a 20% off discount using this code when shopping <20MINIONMIP>

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