I can’t speak for all first time moms out there but I can tell you how I felt the moment I saw my 7 lb newborn son crying and flailing his arms moments after they pulled him from me. I lay there lifeless from the waist down watching the baby nurse wipe him clean and perform all the routine tests newborns go through at birth.

Beyond the blue curtain before me, a team of doctors worked together stitching me back together while they chatted and congratulated us on the birth of our baby. It was all a happy, dreamy vibe but that’s also when the ultimate glitter bomb of reality hit me. Surreal as it may be, I am now this tiny human’s mom. Oh dear, lord have mercy I thought… I’m someone’s mother now..!

Nothing can completely prepare you for your role as a parent simply because you don’t know what you will encounter on your journey as mom. When you’re a first time mom without much baby experience as I was when I had my first child, those first few weeks kinda hit you like a tsunami while you struggle to fill your new role. I worried about feeding him too much and recorded every wet/poopy diaper in the first few weeks. I wanted to be that mom that did everything right, but by the time my son was 2 months old he had a huge all over rash that the pediatrician diagnosed as eczema. I couldn’t help but think – Was this something I could have prevented? Was it something I ate during my pregnancy?

Even 8 years later my son still deals with itchy rashes and some mild food allergies and I wish I would have known of something better than the prescribed ointments I used to keep his eczema under control. Recently I learned out the first baby probiotic of it’s kind – Evivo. It’s a powdered formula that you mix with breastmilk to help promote a healthy gut for your new baby. The bacteria in your gut really dictates a lot about your general health and its the foundation of your baby’s metabolism and immune system. A strong beginning in your baby’s gut can help set the pace for good health over a lifetime.

In hindsight, I wish I would have know about this product when my son was a baby because I think it would have had positive benefits on his struggles with his eczema and allergies to this day.

If u are expecting or have a little one, give Evivo a try! Read all about their products here and learn more about them on their Facebook, twitter or youtube


Hi, I’m Jayna a newborn & baby photographer – (ldportraits.net), mom of 2 and a recipe critic. I live in the suburbs of north Dallas near Plano, Texas with my husband of 13 years, our kids and our hairless dog. I love being creative, drinking coffee, pinning on pinterest and whipping up new dessert recipes. Creator of digital backdrops for newborn photographers in the etsy shop bellabyte.etsy.com. Connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!





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