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Some people are team dog and some prefer cats for many different reasons. The difference between owning a dog and a cat can be like night and day. Before I was married I had a cat because that was what my erratic schedule could allow for.

I had no idea how much I fell for this adorable kitty when I first laid eyes on her. She stole my heart with her piercing green eyes as she looked at me helplessly from the crate she was being carried around in. No idea where fate would have taken her the night I adopted her – I’m just glad I was there to make sure she didn’t see harm. I had no idea what taking care of a cat was all about, but I quickly learned about the best products available to keep both her and I happy. One of the top things on my list was to find a good cat litter solution like Tidy Cats.


TidyCats Direct - disposable cat litter box #AD #TidyCatsDirect #IC

There’s so many kinds of litter box solutions on the market, but one of my new favorites is the Tidy Cats Direct box that you can order directly from Amazon. It’s basically a large cardboard box with a lift-top panel that opens and folds neatly underneath the box revealing the pre-filled litter inside the box.

TidyCats Direct - disposable cat litter box #AD #TidyCatsDirect #IC

Presto. Ready to use in seconds – just find a good place for it, maintain and throw away after a month of use!

Tidy Cats Direct boxes are designed to have enough litter to last an entire month so all you have to do is maintain it by scooping and tossing. With the help of TidyLock protection, this high-performance litter will do a great job absorbing any foul ammonia or fecal odors. One of my favorite things about Tidy Cats is that it clumps tight – scooping is a breeze and you get all the soiled matter up leaving nothing behind to stink.


This is available from a number of different online vendors – Amazon (subscribe and save eligible),,,,, as well as directly from Purina at Order yours directly from Amazon!

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