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I discovered something to help simplify the errands in my life and decided to give Phil a try. Phil is a type of  prescription medication delivery service that is completely free – think of it as an online pharmacy, only better! To begin, you sign up and give your current pharmacy info and they do the rest to transfer them over. When your refills are due, Phil will automatically send you a notification for you to approve and send your new 30 day supply in the mail. Everything is made so easy and all you do is leave  a credit card on file to charge your copay before shipping. Phil will even handle calling your doctor to get you additional refills so you don’t have to! When you manage a pile like this, you can use a little help!

simplifying my prescriptions with Phil - #PhilRx #Pmedia #ad

There’s some chores around the house that I don’t mind doing more than others. Dishes don’t bother me nearly as much as folding laundry but if we’re talking about one of the most hated things I have to do on a regular basis, it’s going to the pharmacy. When your husband has serious gastric problems coupled with diabetes, it takes many different types of medication to keep him healthy and that means multiple trips to the pharmacy to pick up what he needs. This does not count my own medications and prescription cream to help keep JP’s eczema in check. That being said, I’m a pretty regular face over at the big-box pharmacy that shall not be named.

simplifying my presciprions with Phil - #PhilRx #Pmedia #ad

It’s very useful to have a place to go to get medication you need on the spot, however if it’s not amoxicillin or a Z-pack chances are my pharmacy won’t have it in stock and I’ll have to wait an extra day or 2 to get it. This happened just last month when I needed to fill my husband’s diabetic medication and had to wait 2 full days to finally get it. In my book, that’s too long of a wait – nobody should have to wait that long to receive something they need to maintain their health. Plus, I also avoid the long lines at both the counter and the drive-thru window! Once you are on a schedule with Phil, they auto ship what you need and no more waits!

simplifying my presciprions with Phil - #PhilRx #Pmedia #ad

Phil was super easy to get started with and their customer service was top-notch and helped with everything along the way between the doctors and insurance. Not having to wait in that long line of customers at the pharmacy is a huge relief! Try it out for yourself and see what you think! For first-time customers, Phil will pay up to $20 off your insurance copay, or $20 off the cost of the medication if you are uninsured, while supplies last.

simplifying my presciprions with Phil - #PhilRx #Pmedia #ad






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