Let me start by saying this – I am not a morning person.

Nope. never have been and probably never will… Either way, I must still rise and shine every morning to get kids off to school and get myself started for the day. Since I’m ravenous when I wake up I need to eat something to settle my stomach from the hunger pang – which is why I love easy-prep in the morning. I’ve recently discovered VitaTops for breakfast and it’s so far been life-changing from the regular toast or banana-on-the-run that I normally get. I’m a big fan of quick, nutritious breakfasts that are portable and this one fits the bill perfectly.

I found these in the freezer section of my local Kroger in the health food aisle. Kroger – I love you. You always have a vast selection to choose from! You can also find VitaTops MuffinTops at Publix, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite, or Target.

healthy Muffin Tops for breakfast!! #VitaTops #AD

My kids love to have cereal and waffles in the morning, but we often complement with fresh strawberries, blueberries and orange juice. Just to make it a little extra special, chocolate VitaTops go great with a dollop of fat free whipped topping and a tall glass of OJ. Just sayin’… 😍

healthy Muffin Tops for breakfast!! #VitaTops #AD https://ooh.li/61e6769

There’s several flavors to choose from, and I decided to go with Deep Chocolate and Banana Chocolate Chip. Those aren’t your only options – there’s also wild blueberry, cran bran, protein banana/chocolate and protein peanut butter chip. Check out the other flavors by visiting VitaTops and view all their deliciousness.

healthy Muffin Tops for breakfast!! #VitaTops #AD https://ooh.li/61e6769

healthy Muffin Tops for breakfast!! #VitaTops #AD https://ooh.li/61e6769

So aside from being a great healthier option that’s only 100 calories with 10 grams of fiber, there’s also some VitaTops that are partially made with organic ingredients.

healthy Muffin Tops for breakfast!! #VitaTops #AD https://ooh.li/61e6769

MuffinTops are some of my favorite treat items to eat… If I really give it some good thought, all I ever eat is the top of the muffin anyway! Deep chocolate is my favorite – I really love this for a quick breakfast or indulgent treat with coffee for when Melody takes her afternoon naptime!

healthy Muffin Tops for breakfast!! #VitaTops #AD https://ooh.li/61e6769

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