I had the opportunity to try Luvs® diapers on my toddler daughter. All opinions are 100% my own

Babies & toddlers are sweet and even though it’s so much fun to have one around the house, I’m sure most all moms can agree that we can’t wait to get our babies out of diapers. Potty training is on the horizon for us, but in the meantime I like to use Luvs diapers to keep my little girl’s bottom fresh and dry. Luvs has night lock plus, a feature that helps her stay dry even while she sleeps. The fit is nice and snug and is super soft and stretchy. I like to keep all diaper things well stocked in a basket below the changing table so I don’t have to leave my sweet girl unattended to get something. My changing table is home to many essentials like wipes and ointments, but I also use it as a place for accessories that easily get lost like headbands and socks.

 Luvs Diapers 2$ off coupon - #SharetheLuv #AD I was kinda skeptical at first to try luvs since Ive been a longtime user of another leading brand that shall not be named, but I was pleased to see how well they worked in comparison. I must say this for luvs – they are WAY softer!

Luvs Diapers 2$ off coupon - #SharetheLuv #AD

I use anywhere from 5-6 of these per day and I don’t see it slowing down for the next while. In the interest of saving some money, I decided to give luvs diapers a try and see how well they perform. If you wanna save even more try this print at home coupon for $2.00 off your next purchase of Luvs diapers.

Luvs Diapers 2$ off coupon - #SharetheLuv #AD

Diapers can be alot of things – but most importantly, diapers must be comfortable for your child, absorbent & have strong re closable tabs that help keep the diaper in place. Luvs meets all those standards and then some!

Luvs Diapers 2$ off coupon - #SharetheLuv #AD

When I took one out of the package, I was expecting it to be bulkier than it was. After trying one, turns out that hey are not only thin but absorbent & comfortable for baby. Melody didn’t seem to notice there was any changes in her diaper from what she was used to and I still got big happy smiles.

Luvs Diapers 2$ off coupon - #SharetheLuv #AD

Luvs strives to create to create a diaper that is both functional and budget friendly.Bonus points – If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can ask for your money back!

Luvs Diapers 2$ off coupon - #SharetheLuv #AD


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