Today this post is very real and comes from a place of hope.. This family struggle we face every day has been a private one for many years and I’ve never talked about it publicly because I’ve always felt there are more people out there who have it much worse than us. The simple truth is that I can’t hide it any longer because it has consumed our life. Everything revolves around which hospital I am running to while simultaneously driving my kids to and from school. Sadly, we are on a first name basis with our local fire department paramedics.

My husband suffers from a birth defect in his pancreas that causes him painful episodes of pancreatitis. Often times, attacks come out of the blue with a wave of nausea and before long he is doubled over in pain, pink faced and throwing up in one of those blue vomit bags. When he is not in pain or throwing up, he is often nauseated and drowsy from all the medications doctors have prescribed him. This has been an ongoing struggle we have faced for as long as I’ve known him.

I’m not sure which way to turn anymore – especially when my darling husband, our family’s main provider and my children’s hero is laying in a hospital bed on a weekly basis.

I hate to sound like I’m complaining when I say I wish we can have 1 holiday or vacation where pancreatitis didn’t become an issue. I wish I can say that I didn’t need to carry an entire pharmacy of pills in my purse everywhere we go. I can’t recall how many special holidays and family vacations this has ruined – including our honeymoon almost 10 years ago.

Each time an ambulance arrives at our house our neighbors always ask, “How’s Kevin doing?”.. They ask with genuine concern in their voices and offering help however they can. We are so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people, but we need more than that.. We need prayers.. We need a miracle..

With that being said, I have begun a gofundme page for our family. This again comes with great difficulty because I hate to admit we need help. I have to swallow that pride for my children’s sake – we are beginning to drown in the pile up of ER copays and lost wages from being sick. All I ask is to please share our story. Anything helps and for that I thank you.


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