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Every parent knows that a baby is much more sensitive than an adult, so the young one needs to be protected and constantly cared for, especially during the cold season. As the weather gets colder and colder, and more humid, we become more vulnerable to viruses as it tries to adjust to the new conditions. Changes such as these cause us to be more prone to contracting viruses that lead to respiratory problems in particular. The respiratory syncytial virus is among the most dangerous of the season, also known as RSV. It can cause serious health issues to adults, having the symptoms of the common cold, but it poses a great threat in the case of babies. It some cases, it can be fatal to the young ones, because they lungs and immune system is not equipped with everything they need to fight it off without risks and challenges.


You certainly know just how fragile babies’ lungs are, but do you also know how to protect their little lungs from this season’s biggest threat? As parents do anything they can to prepare to keep their babies safe and warm this season, it’s important to know the facts about RSV and help protect their little lungs as well. All babies are in danger of contacting the RSV virus, so never think that your baby won’t catch it. The peak season when there are the highest risks of contacting this virus is among the months of November and March. Preemie babies are even more sensitive, because they are one step behind all the other babies concerning their physical and immune system’s development. It can be tricky to spot in your infant because the symptoms are similar to the common cold, and you may not suspect that your baby is trying to fight off the RSV virus.
Talking about symptoms, the list includes constant wheezing and coughing, troubled or fast breath, a bluish color of the skin around the mouth and fingernails, and fever. Do not treat any of these symptoms lightly, because more than 125,000 children become hospitalized due to this virus each year, and about 200 of them never make it. As a parent, you can also take preventive measure to help keep this virus away from your baby. All the family members, big and small, must wash their hands once they arrive at home. Do the same with your visitors as well. All the belongings of the baby, toys, blankets, and others, should be disinfected periodically, to avoid the presence of any germs. Also, take the baby to the pediatrician for a thorough health check, to see just how high are the risks for the young one to suffer from the illness caused by RSV.


Because this virus causes so much trouble, October was declared as being the RSV Awareness Month at a national level. During this month, all parents will learn everything they need to know about the RSV virus and how to keep their babies safe during the cold season. Choose to be a part of this month’s movement and opt to be adequately informed about the RSV virus. You will find plenty of useful information at the website, so make sure you visit it.








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