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Today’s topic isn’t something to write about very easily… In fact, it’s one of those delicate topics that nobody likes talking about – because well, it’s embarrassing! All humiliation aside, it’s still something us women have to deal with, especially those of us who have had a couple of kids and are approaching 40 at a scary pace. I’m talking about LBL, otherwise known as “light bladder leakage” and affects approximately 1 in 3 women. Apparently this is kinda of a thing during and after pregnancy!


A long while ago, I used to take the time out in my schedule for working out. However lately is a different story.. Mustering up the desire to work out takes ALOT – but I am determined to fight all that and get back into it because it would be the healthy thing to do and help me shape up after a 2nd baby. Truthfully, another reason why I dislike working out is a lot more embarrassing  than just being guilty of being lazy…. It’s the dreaded light bladder leakage that can happen during a vigorous workout.

Yep – it happens, even though it’s not really something I like to advertise about myself… Nor does any woman, which is all the more reason to shed some light on the matter and talk about different ways to help us deal with the issue.

One of the newest things included in my workout gear now are these amazing thin shape pads that Poise makes. It helps keep me feeling confident when my body is in motion and I don’t worry about any embarrassing accidents. Because of the thin-flex technology that moves with your body, moisture and unpleasant odors are quickly sealed away with the absorbloc core and leak-block sides for outstanding protection.


In a jam, sometimes a period pad is all we have available and we have to make it work.. Although they do the job, it is not designed to handle LBL. However, Poise thin-flex pads are! Just look at the blue extra absorbancy spot – perfectly in place to give you maximum protection right where you need it. Also, the moderate protection has leak guards on the sides that are similar to a diaper!


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