When you’re an adult, there’s not as many opportunities for “fun” activities as there once was as a kid and I really miss that! I remember a time when summer meant lazy days, playing outside and walking to the corner store for popsicles. If only life were that simple again!!

 I can never go back to those simple child’s play times again… That’s why it’s important to have mastered the ability to create my own fun as a grown person. Whether it’s a planned BBQ party or just a bunch of old married ladies like myself getting together, I discovered that it’s usually more fun with a little JaM Cabernet. Find your closest store that carries it here

I decided to share my fruity and bold JaM Cabernet with my mommy friends over a t-shirt coloring party last week. There’s nothing more fun than a good hen party fueled by wine and a fun craft! When daytime life is filled with dirty diapers, Elmo and the occasional crunch of missed cheerio under your foot, JaM Cabernet is the perfect medicine at the end of the day.


I prepared fun goodie bags for everyone, but it was even more fun to enjoy the wine and lighthearted fun on a Saturday night. There’s something cathartic about sipping wine, coloring and chatting with friends. Sometimes us moms lose ourselves in shuffle and it’s important to set aside time and regroup as much as possible.


Best of all, these bottle are super easy for anyone who can’t uncork a bottle because they’re simple twist caps. There’s nothing worse than trying to locate the wine bottle opener when you need it!


Be prepared for aromatic! This is a strong, bold wine that you can smell as soon as you hold the glass up to your lips. JaM Cabernet is an affordable wine under for under $20 – You should also look at their other varieties such as Butter Chardonnay (what I drank on mother’s day) and Toast Sparkling. 


Find a store that carries JaM by clicking here. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Remember that drinking is for ages 21 and over and please always drink responsibly!!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Hi, I’m Jayna, a Wylie mom blogger living near Plano, Texas. I’m a Dessert love & recipe maker. Mom to a rowdy little boy. Coffee lover. Beloved wife and creator of Bellabyte Design Studio. Connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!





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