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When you are a mom, sometimes it feels like household chores never end. Whether it’s dishes in the sink or laundry in the hamper, somehow they both seem to fill up no matter how fast you try and keep up.
If I were to be brutally honest about household chores, laundry has never been my strong suit and is after the very last thing on my to-do list. Sometimes I find myself avoiding it without realizing – I’ll make beds, empty the dishwasher and clean the kitchen before I muster up the desire to hit the laundry room. Laundry neglect usually leaves my hamper looking like this! Eeeek!

Then over in the kitchen, there’s the endless dirty bottles my daughter creates and 15 glasses of water my son drinks in a day. All of it somehow magically makes its way to the kitchen sink, where it will sit until I finish folding & putting away the laundry. The best part is that the next day you get to start ALL OVER again!! <insert crazy laugh here>
So yeah, it’s pretty safe for me to say that I really hate doing laundry and I believe it stems from the fact that it’s never-ending and always needs to be done. That being said, if I see something that will entice me into actually enjoying the laundry & dishes struggle, I would be all over that! Recently, I discovered P&G products at Costco and I couldn’t help buying some cleaning products there.


I also got a huge bottle of Dawn Platinum Advanced Power dish soap because with constant bottle washing (by hand) I’m forever running out. I like using Dawn Platinum Advanced Power just for the way it makes my hands feel and smell after soaking them for awhile.

There’s something about soft, fluffy towels that smell good and bed linens that smell fresh to lay on which is why I decided to get some Downy April Fresh fabric softener & Downy Fresh Protect beads to go with my dish soap.


These little blue pebbles smell amazing! I’ve even heard of people melting them in their candle warmers as home fragrance – I’ll have to try that out!

Dishes and laundry are the 2 chores I do the most of, so buying costco size cleaning products works out well. Unlike food, It will not spoil before you can use it all and similar to toilet paper – you can never have too much!

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