The nice folks at Groupon asked me if I could give my opinion of their services for some compensation. All opinions are 100% my own.

For many years I’ve been a Groupon user, using it for anything from hair cuts to home maintenance services. Groupon is one of those sites like Pinterest – when I scroll through the offers its an endless stream of oooohs and ahhhs for things I’d love to have. Even when I don’t purchase a groupon, It’s a great way to learn about local businesses you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Groupon is responsible for alot of the local kids activities I’ve found through the years that ultimately led to  birthday party locations.

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They have a new thing going on now, and it’s called Groupon’s Coupons. It’s basically a page dedicated to publishing coupon codes! When you’re about to check out an online cart, Do you ever do a quick google for coupon codes? I DO! Unfortunately, I never successfully find an actual numerical code that I can use to plug in my cart to lower the price or give me free shipping. Sometimes its fun just to see how much I can lower it with what I find! I was able to find great deals from my favorite stores like Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Sams Club, Neiman Marcus, Travelocity & my personal fave – birchbox.

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This is Groupon’s Coupon page, and its basically a treasure trove of savings to 100’s of stores loved by everyone. Stop by Groupon’s Coupons and see what you can save this holiday season!




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