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Most everyone has already seen it – The grandpa and kid playing the silly game that smacks you in the face with whipped cream. Yes – its Pie Face! You just can’t help but laugh! I knew right away that this was something we were going to NEED this year for our family gathering.

hasbro pie face with redi whip

When I told JP that we would be getting the Pie Face game to try, his face lit up with excitement and asked me nearly every day if it arrived in the mail. He too, saw the hilarious video and looks forward to playing it with his own Nonno when he visits for the holidays next month.

Since we can’t contain our silliness that long, so we played a little ourselves to see what it’s like to get pie-faced! It builds quite a bit of excitement when you click the dial and JP flinched each time he clicked. I had to remind him about keeping his chin on the chin rest.

Then Splat! That hilarious moment when I got pie faced..

hasbro pie face with redi whip

Pie Face from Jayna Denbow on Vimeo.

Sometimes the simplest of games are the best possible ones out there for entertainment value, and this one definitely tops the list! Most of all, I really like that’s its only a few plastic pieces to assemble together and the rules are simple enough for even a 3 or 4 year old child to participate in.

Pretty much anyone will find it funny to get pie faced – it never gets old! It’s the perfect gift for family members young and old to play together and create gut-busting memories that will last a lifetime.

Pair it together with some delicious Redi-Whip cream and you got yourself a treat to go with the laughs!

Pie Face Redi Whip Fun from Jayna Denbow on Vimeo.


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where can we buy this game I live in Ontario, Canada


I think I’ve seen it at Toys r us here in the US, but I can’t speak for what the Canadian toys r us stores carry.. Try ordering it off Amazon, I know they have it there!

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