We all know that famous Aflac duck – he kinda sticks in your head, doesn’t he?

Its always an exciting time when you or your spouse announce “Hey! I got a new job!”. A career shift is never a small event in someones life, so its only natural that other great things can happen along with it. Particularly a handsome full benefits package with health, vision, dental, 401K and Aflac.

We went through something along these lines this month as my husband begins to settle into a new job with a company that offers him bigger and better benefits than his last one. Part of it includes enrollment into Aflac and a host of other goodies designed to benefit our family.

You may hear talk about Aflac in the workplace at the present because with most U.S. companies, fall marks open enrollment season. It’s a time when workers can review their employer-sponsored benefits offerings and choose the health insurance policies that best meet their financial and health care needs.

I’ve not talked much about it in the past because it’s a little too real sometimes, but with my husband’s chronic pancreatitis I’ve spent my fair share of time by a hospital bedside. This also mean lost wages due to missing work, but the bills don’t stop coming in. With being enrolled in Aflac, it will put my mind at ease the next time he needs to be hospitalized. It can happen to anyone at anytime – just like when I was unexpectedly hospitalized for high blood pressure when I was pregnant!

Ask your employer about Aflac - it can help you through the rough patches of life #DiscoverYourBenefits #ad

You can never be sure when the next big attack will hit, and I shudder at the thought of it. It’s hard enough dealing with illness and focusing your strength on getting well when you are sick, let alone bills that pile up. I can’t imagine the stress of not being able to afford necessities like groceries and making the mortgage payment! Every young family should consider Aflac, even if you are 100% healthy,  you just never know when illness will strike you. For me, making sure these 2 are protected is enough reason for us to do it!

Ask your employer about Aflac - it can help you through the rough patches of life #DiscoverYourBenefits #ad

For more information on what Aflac can do for you, visit their website and see if its right for you.

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