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Queso for All with Velveeta Cheese and Ro*Tel tomatoes - #QuesoForAll #ad

So the big game is coming and every weekend I like to prepare yummy snacks to enjoy while its on. Our family loves to watch football, so gathering around the TV is my favorite time for us all to bond and spend time together. As much as I like to put out the classics like chicken wings, mini sandwiches and pizza, another family favorite is when I make Queso For All with Velveeta Cheese and Ro*Tel tomatoes.

Queso for All with Velveeta Cheese and Ro*Tel tomatoes - #QuesoForAll #ad

Its a zesty, creamy mix and the flavor fuses perfectly together like peanut butter and jelly. When paired with corn chips, it makes for the perfect Sunday afternoon game time snack that can be passed around to the whole family. It doesnt stop there either – try roasting some cut up potatoes and smothering them in cheesy goodness for a delicious dinner side. Making Velveeta / Ro*Tel queso dip is so easy, anybody can do it. All you need are the 2 ingredients and a saucepan to melt it in. I start by melting the cheese, and I like to cube it up so it melts evenly.

Queso for All with Velveeta Cheese and Ro*Tel tomatoes - #QuesoForAll #ad

Once you have a nice consistency, then I add an entire can of un-drained Ro*Tel tomatoes and mix it in. I continue to stir and keep it on a low heat for an extra few minutes until its perfectly creamy…. And serve!

Queso for All with Velveeta Cheese and Ro*Tel tomatoes - #QuesoForAll #ad

While game time is my favorite time to make this creamy delicious queso dip, I don’t limit myself. After all, football season only lasts a few months! I like to also make this for social gatherings, family barbeques in the summer and birthday parties. I guarantee that this will be a crowd pleaser for even your most discerning guests!

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