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Ever think of having breakfast for dinner? Lately, I’ve been doing it alot because a) we like it b) its an easy prep and c) it can be a healthy and nutritious meal for the entire family. JP loves it, and it’s a great way for him to get some nutrition in him without him realizing. One of my personal favorites is the fritata – its basically a potato and egg omelet with anything else you want to add in – one of those blank canvas dishes. 

I like to use Simply Potatoes because instead of peeling and cutting up potatoes, these are already prepped and ready to go! I’ve seen fritatas made with bell peppers and onions, but in the interest of keeping it kid-friendly, I’ve decided to only use eggs and potatoes for my picky eater. 

First, I brown the potatoes in the pan with a little bit of vegetable oil on medium-high heat. Once they are are halfway cooked, I remove them from the pan and place them aside. 

In a seperate bowl, I wisk together 6 eggs with salt and pepper to taste. Normally, you would just combine it in the pan with the potatoes until the egg cooks through, but I decided to make small personal sized ones. JP is so much more likely to eat all his food when I serve him dishes like this – so it’s worth the extra work.

I use a little tool called an egg ring that looks like a round cookie cutter you cook your egg in so the whites stay perfectly round with the yolk perfectly centered – I love it! I placed some of the half cooked Simply Potatoes in it and filled it in with the egg mixture and continued to cook on a medium heat. Not too hot because you’ll burn the eggs before they’re fully cooked, so be careful! Had some spillage, but that’s ok – you can just scrape it away easily as it cooks.

Let it sit and cook for 3-5 minutes and then gently remove the ring and flip! Let the other side cook for a few minutes and then remove it from the heat and serve. JP loves eating this with a side of ketchup – yep, ketchup counts as a vegetable in our house!

Dishes like this are my favorite because they’re easy to prepare for any time of the day, they make a super easy weeknight meal and best of all – nutritious and delicious for JP!

Learn about some more Simply Potatoes Favorites on their website and follow Simply Potatoes on Pinterest for some great recipe inspiration!

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These look good, but the potatoes have sugar added to them. Probably not good for children (or anyone) if you are trying to cut back on sugar intake.

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